Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Checking In

Crikey, it's cold, brrr. It's dark (most of the day). What to do but cuddle up and get cosy? Mummy has got my heated pad out and plugged it in. It's under the cover of my cushion. Golly, it's warming me up a treat but it makes me sleepy!

What a change from the weekend when it was lovely and sunny and when Mummy left me again to go to something she calls a "flea market". She brought me back these old fake flowers and put them in a jug near my cushion-bed. Still, I suppose it's not a bad exchange for my fleas?

Vorey Puss has taken up residence this week on the armchair.

Mummy says to tell you she is still beyond excited at her find in Lewes the other weekend which is these old books. What is it with her and old scruffy-looking things?

She wanted to do a proper blog post about them but the photos were rubbish as it's so dark all day and they "don't do justice" to the old books. Hey, one has a black cat on. Is it Vorey?

Today, she's been fiddling round with bits of wire Daddy gave to her and bits of coloured fluffy fabric stuff called felt and looking at pictures and diagrams in those old books. Why she finds this so marvellous beats me.

She says she'll show you soon but is very time-poor at the moment (and sunlight-poor). She kept muttering on something like "how am I meant to work in these conditions?"

We're only keeping her company.


  1. Your kitties are very spoiled and happy.. makes me want to return as a cat. Only a spoiled one.. not a wild one. We had snow all day yesterday but it turned to rain in the middle of the night so now it's all gloppy. Oh well, I think I'll finish my crocheted pillow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Awww Vorey is gorgeous, all snuggled up, well they're all lovely and the old books...can't wait to see inside x

  3. Oh my goodness what a snuggly picture that is at the top! The vintage finds look great, if you say the pictures don't do them justice then they must be amazingly wonderful in real life! I love to see work tables at the ready, looks like you have a good view from up there.
    Jess xx

  4. Cute post! I love your vintage books.

  5. Hi Hen, oh roll on the light evenings....I'm down to the last few of my St Johns wort....S.A.D is driving me nuts!
    I'm SO not a winter person!

    But you know what your post made me laugh so much....cats are so cheerful!
    I love their posts they do!
    I also went to CK today.....boy oh boy....brought a huge smile to my face!


  6. Heated pad! Now, even I haven't got one of those for the cats! But their big fur fabric lined basket is above a central heating pipe as it runs across the landing near the nice warm airing cupboard and I did wonder if they might like a hot water bottle the other night.They really do NOT want to go out. Can't blame them. The light today was particularly awful-fog and rain,lovely.

  7. aahhh what a lovely post ;-) I love that photo of them both one sat and one lay on the cushion by the computer ;-)) They look so relaxed bless them. dee x

  8. How you do spoil those photogenic cats! How much they must enjoy living where they are living.

    Here in New York, it's also been rather chilly and sometimes even cloudy, rainy, even a bit snowy. Windy and blue sky today, so we are hoping for a little bit of natural sun warmth as our days do grow longer.

    This post was a delight...a true telling of what mid-January can be.

  9. oohh I'd love to be a cat, sleeping all day on a heated pad :) I love the last photo xx

  10. So cute!! With love, Riitta Sinikka

  11. Cats.......I just love cats!!!!!

  12. Hen, that picture up the top should be one of those olde-fashioned postcards. It's absolutely gorgeous!
    Look at him just laying there..Oh bless him :o)

    I'm so looking forward to seeing what you've been up to with those books!
    "Please Mr Sun just pop out a bit so Hen can take her photos!!" :o)
    Have a lovely weekend my dear if we don't see you before.
    Take care,
    Love Donna xx

  13. Those cats just beg to be cuddled. Love the embroidered book. x

  14. I can comment!!!
    Hi Hen, I love the photos of your beautiful cats, they do look so contented surrounded by all that cosiness.
    The old books look interesting, especially like the cover of the cottage one. It looks a bit like the tapestry picture I've just resurrected and am determined to finish (25 years really is too long!)
    Carol xx

  15. Quick Hen, hurry back to the Hen House. Your account seems to have been hacked by some furry monsters. They've made themselves at home and have even stopped me commmenting to let you know!

  16. Your kitties look so cozy and cute. Mine also have heated cat beds. They just love them.


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