Thursday, 26 January 2012

Posy Time

Oh my giddy aunt. It's not, it is? It can't be? Is that... THE SUN...I see peeping out from behind the grey clouds?

Hello readers, that was a bit of an unintended absence there. It's not that I haven't been busy, oh I have, or that I haven't got anything to share with you, oh I have, but perhaps I've been so engrossed in what I've been up to that the thought of spending a whole morning wrangling with flashes and lighting and goodness knows what else, had me scurrying away from the camera and hunkering down with some crafty projects.

The Bagpuss Table has had a bit of a change over today. I still have been completely obsessed and inspired with the two binders of wartime mags which I found in Lewes a few weeks back (which Charlie Boy told you about). They are utterly delightful but what grabs me the most is that they contain lots of patterns for posy brooches which has always been a bit of an obsession of mine. So, a posy-inspired table it is.

A few weeks ago, we spent a marvellous Sunday at the flea market at Shepton Mallet. It was a glorious bright and crisp day and the stall holders were out in force. Oh it was really my idea of heaven! I managed to lay my anxious mitts on something I'd been after for a while. It may not be what you expected.

Ah there you are, a decidedly uninteresting and dark photo taken a few days ago, of the tweed jacket I bought at Shepton. For £5.

I was most thrilled to see that inside it bears the coveted label; this is a vintage jacket made from the finest Harris Tweed, Made in England. Hurrah! Off it went to the dry cleaners, bringing my total jacket spend to £10.

But the Harris Tweed's jacket story does not end there, oh no. Time for gratuitous photos. For in The Tweed's future were divine 1940's-ish vintage fabrics...

...delightful vintage embroidered cloths (oh dear, yet more came home from Shepton)... very best flowery and vintagey buttons...

And also, a large pair of scissors and a needle and thread. The Tweed was too long in the arm and body for me so a little amateur tailoring went on. Gulp. Ah well, it only cost £10!

We're digressing though, from The Tweed, for a few moments. Back to my beloved wartime binder.

Yesterday, I idly flicked through them and finally settled on a posy pattern to give a go, eager as I was to chop into the rather lovely wool felt I bought at the weekend. You can tell how very much better most people were at crafty stuff back then (by which I mean the early 1940s) as the instructions for making things are relatively sketchy. No hand-holding and squillions of photos like nowadays. I was reading another of my historical 1940's books the other day which informed me that jewellery was in very short supply during the war which is why ladies turned to making their own from felt, fabric and scraps of leather, raffia and basically whatever they could lay their hands on. Well, I'm so glad they did.

The posy I chose you can see in the bottom right hand corner of this page. The instructions are to make a leather bag and a marigold posy from "skiver". I have never heard this term before but it appears to be a type of leather (enlighten us, anyone?)

No skiver for me, but pretty wool felt instead and rather than making marigolds in yellows and oranges, I went for my more usual colour palette. Oh happy days!

It really is quite a whopping posy or as Mr HenHouse rather rudely said last night, "It's massive". What he and you don't know is that the pattern was actually for four flowers in the posy so imagine how gargatuan that would be!

Well I utterly love my posy and it really brightens up that Harris Tweed a treat and gives it the necessary feminine touch, I think.

I see The Tweed dressed down with jeans and a roll neck but I see it dressed up with a tea dress, too.

Aaarrgghh, I did not see it dressed up (or down) with a ginger furball!

Why is this silly jacket on my eidy where I take my naps?

There, that's better.

And whilst I was at it, I thought I'd have a go at another posy from my book. This time, daisies. Except you guessed it, there was no way I could stick to a two-tone colour palette! I'm wearing it today, on my beloved and very cosy Aran cardi.

Thanks for returning to read. By the way, the lovely Carol let me know that she'd been unable to comment on my blog for a while and suggested a fix which I've carried out. It's worked for her. Yipeeeee. All this...and sunshine!


  1. Your posy looks lovely - I too am rather partial to a felt flower or two! It goes brilliantly well with each item you've shown it with, but I especially love it with the dress!

  2. Wonderful job on the jacket, so cool! love your corsages and your buttons and your fabrics ....... love it all!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Hi Hen,

    Another lovely post. I so want that book! I have a similar one called "The Pictorial Guide to Modern Home Needlecraft" which I picked up in a jumble sale years ago when I was starting sewing. Mine is not dated but the photos are a similar style. I believe a definition for "skiver" is - a soft thin leather split off the outside of sheepskin and used for bookbinding. Does this make sense? xx

  4. Lovely spring posy, just right for today. The sun is shining here and I got out your Spring Fling bag and took it to Bridport for a coffee with a friend this morning!
    The commenting thing does seem to have been a bit hit and miss lately.
    Have a good weekend

  5. Those posy corsages are beautiful - what a wonderful find those magazines were. Thank you for sharing your creations :o)

  6. Hi Hen, lovely post, the jacket looks simply wonderful, the posy is perfect.
    Give your lovely cats a big hug from me, my lovely Amy had to be put to sleep yesterday, my heart is so broken.
    Carol xx

  7. I love your brooches Hen and your tweed jacket was a real find. Yes, we have sunshine too so happy days but the other 's' word is being mentioned so I don't think we've escaped the white stuff yet! Have a fab weekend.
    Jo xx

  8. Posy brooches are lovely - would brighten up any outfit!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Amazing finds!! And love the brooch xx

  10. I love what you've done with the jacket! So inspiring, I am determined to find one out thrifting tomorrow. Love the new CK tea dress too...I need me some posy action!

  11. Oh.. Joy.. Rapture!!!! You win my favorite post of the day!! OH my gosh...what a splendid job you did on the Harris tweed!!! It looks just wonderful!!! and the posies!!!! Love love love them!! I think I will be laughing at mr. H.H.'s Massive comment...all little dears....Honestly though..what a beautiful job you've done...and what a delightful post!! Happy Day to one of my favorite blogs of all!!

  12. Your jacket looks great after it's Hen 'makeover'!
    Love the posy...very pretty.
    I've had problems commenting on quite a few blogs recently..but not ones with the pop up windows like yours.
    Enjoy the rest of the week...and the sunshine! :0)

  13. Absolutely lovely post, and lovely finds. I'm so thankful to the ladies of the past for all their needlework!

  14. Oh that jacket is fab! Love what you have done with it.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  15. oh wow i love everything about this post, that jacket is fabulous!

  16. I love the felt brooches , the colours and designs are fab. I am hoping some might make an appearance in your shop.
    Ann x

  17. Hello Hen,
    I was thinking of you today whilst Mr Sun was out, and I was painting my table in the conservatory :o)
    Your Bagpuss table is looking gorgeous!
    I love your Harris Tweed Jacket. Seeing it brought back my horseriding days, but I don't think I'd fit into one of mine now! lol.
    I love your vintagey fabric patches, they are very inspiring :o)
    Your wall paper is utterly divine too! Is that in your re-vamped bedroom?
    Beautiful corsages, they're so pretty, and must have taken an age to make. But so worth the time!
    Have a lovely weekend Hen. Wrap up warm and take care,
    Love Donna xx

  18. Great job on the jacket. The posy brooches are very 'you'!

  19. Hello Hen,

    I raced straight here from seeing a preview on flickr! Another fabulous post, and I'm so glad to be able to comment again. Do I detect a new line of goodies about to appear in the Hen shop?
    Mary xx

  20. I love what you have done with the jacket!! The elbow patches are INSPIRED!!!!

  21. Hello from Oregon! I adore your tweed and all your changes.. but oh.. I wanted to see you model it! Love all your vintage goodies.. I need to go hunt some down in my local antique mall. I'm off to volunteer at Multnomah Falls, I'm sure I'll have some neat photos on my blog later this afternoon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  22. oh my goodness i am in love with this post! the table looks great and i am so addicted to embroided fabrics at the mo xx

  23. Love the posy you've got on your aran cardigan it's so colourful and the jacket will go nicely with your tea dresses, Lucey x

  24. Wow! Hen the jacket is fabulous. I love that it works dressed up or down. On the hunt now! Care to share the fix for the comments not posting. I had a couple of emails telling me comments were not working despite checking settings. So, if you have some magic to share, I'd love to hear about it.


  25. Harris Tweed- yum,yum.Lovely make-over and great posies.I have a welsh wool jacket that I need to work up the courage to sort out in a radical was cheapo too, but it is still daunting!

  26. Hen, when I see the words Harris Tweed and that label, I am transported back to my father's many tweed jackets. Thank you for that memory lane visit.

    I love what you've done to customize your marvelous bargain find. You've just got to find a way to encourage those kitties to find napping sites elsewhere.

    Best wishes!

  27. Lovely jacket Hen & the flowers look great on it :) x

  28. Lots of beautiful things love those button's and the embroidery cloths those are so pretty. So much colour to brighten up the day along with the sunshine ;-) Your wallpaper is so pretty im looking for some like this for my bedroom at the moment and its not easy. dee x

  29. I do like what you did with the jacket, very brave of you but it worked.

    Your brooches are lovely too.

  30. Hi - I love the Harris tweed jacket idea and the dress underneath is gorgeous !

  31. The sight of the Harris Tweed bought back many memories... my late father had a jacket in the stuff, and my mother a suit, cinched waisted jacket, pencil skirt, so glam.
    Love your posies..... and I can't comment on several blogs, something to do with updates Blogger carried out, apparently. Google Chrome is supposed to solve the problem, but I don't want to use it so just content with those I can comment on.

  32. Hi Hen...I'm abrazillian crocheter and I just LOVED your blog!You have great work! I am following you...I invite you to know my blog too, hope you like it!:-))) Greetings from Brazil!


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