Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Quilt of Lurrrve

Happy Valentine's Day, readers. I must say that when I was perusing the shops to find a card for my loved one, there were none that looked as pretty as this vintage one. Ah, they don't make them like they used to. Inside is simply written in beautiful script writing, "Always xxxx". That's the thing about vintage isn't it, allowing you to wonder about times past. Who sent that card, who received it, were they in love or was the card from a secret admirer?

Another day, another finish, but this time it's my first Valentine's Quilt. It's only a baby, I think it's about 18" square. I've mentioned before that I have joined Kathy Tracy's Small Quilt Talk Group and that each month, she is challenging her members to make a quilt from one of her books. For February, she chose a traditional "broken dishes" quilt but gave us a further option to use this pattern as a base for a Valentine's themed quilt she had designed as a treat for us. That's the one I decided to go for.

I tea-dyed the panel which I embroidered for the centre, as it looked too white once it was done. The broken dishes design is based on half-square triangles in a very random pattern but the Valentine's Quilt gave you the option to arrange your HSTs to make a star surrounding the centre block. I actually drew out on paper a skeleton design of the quilt then got my colouring pencils out (it's true!) to colour in the triangles to try to get the correct balance to make the star stand out but without using wildly contrasting colours in the surrounding blocks.

I knew I was going to use red and white/cream in the quilt but didn't want it to be just those colours. I actually had a fat quarter of gorgeous red fabric with large blue flowers on and designed the centre of the quilt planning to use that as a border. When I came to putting the border on, it just looked wrong! Luckily, I'm really happy with the borders I eventually chose. The fabrics are a complete mix of Civil War reproduction, modern cottons and vintage cottons circa 1940. It's amazing how they do all seem to work together.

Just now, I took the little Valentine's Quilt upstairs into my quilting room to photograph it on a pink background. I like it so much there that you know, I think it may stay.

Have a super day...


  1. Beautiful!! Your color choices are wonderful!

  2. Hi Hen, yes, a perfect place for a beautiful quilt. Love the hearts hanger too.
    I didn't get to go to my "Make a Valnetine Quilt" workshop, it was was cancelled. Never mind.
    There was a lovely story in today's Yorkshire Post, a gentleman has been sending his wife the same card for 30 years (his own design, his is now an author but previously worked as a card designer). He isn't being a skinflint, he writes a new, loving message every year. I think it is very romantic to have such a tangible record of 30 year's love.
    Hope you are having a Happy Valentine's Day.
    Carol xx

  3. I love RED and that quilt is absolutley gorgeous!
    Julie xxxxx

  4. i heart that heart stitching

  5. I love it - the colours are gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. I think the quilt looks lovely on the pink wall too. Actually I think the quilt would probably look lovely anywhere!!
    I agree about the Valentines. I have a collection of vintage valentines and nothing I see nowadays can compare! Happy Valentines Day!

  7. Oh Hen! What a perfectly lovely "Love Day" quilt! I love how well the mix of modern, vintage and repro. fabrics all go together so well! The little line of blue around the edges really sets off the red and white. Well done!

  8. V. nice indeed- looks great on the pink wall.
    I would be lost without my graph paper and crayons, a quilters best friends.

  9. I'm a follower of Kathleen's also. Next month I'm starting a block of the month where I'll be doing all the projects from her book The Civil War Sewing Circle. I love that you have such a broad range of creative interests and love your new little quilt.

  10. Happy Valentines Hen.

    V. Cute Quilt!!


  11. Love the quilt. The colours are amazing.........xx

  12. Lovely quilt I love the colors. And I am so jealous of the pictures of your stash. Wow!!!

  13. Beautiful quilt! Love the colours :) Maggie xx


  14. Hen, you've got a delightful sense of color and balance, and whimsy, too. I think it's the whimsy bit that makes your creations so unique. Trust those instincts!

    I do agree with you about preferring vintage Valentine cards to the modern versions. That's definitely part of the reason that I now just paint my own.


  15. It's reallllllllllly pretty, Hen. It looks gorgeous hanging on the wall. I gave my honey a funny card.. but I do love that vintage one.

    *H*A*P*P*Y* *V*A*L*E*N*T*I*N*E*S* *D*A*Y*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. Lovely Hen.... great colours :) x


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