Friday, 2 March 2012

Flannel and Fur

Hi all human readers, Mummy is letting me blog as she is having a beyond pants week, she says. She's feeling poorly and has far too much rubbish stuff to do but she won't bore you with the details. She's worked very hard sorting and tidying the utility room which had become a bit of a "dumping ground" apparently. She enjoyed the bit where she put her pretty things on the shelf and even some pictures she bought at last year's car boot sales on the wall. It's a work in progress, still lots to do in there, she say wearily.

Never mind, because we are doing all the resting for her. This morning, she woke up early and decided to get on with hand quilting the flannel for a bit as she hasn't made any progress on it for a week. We got pretty excited as she headed back to bed with the flannel. We decided to help her and keep her company.

Charlie Boy is obsessed with the flannel so he dived straight on and started some serious purring.

Even Vorey Puss joined us, he won't usually come near me as I'm a bully-cat mummy says, and he sat right on mummy's lap which she said was not helpful and in the end she did make him move.

Better to find yourself a quiet corner of the flannel straight off, I've found. I asserted my rights up front by staging a flannel sit-in. It certainly is very cosy.

Mummy is pleased though, as she did manage to finish all the hand quilting this morning. Yippee she says. She then made two runs to the charity shop (for once she was actually taking things to the charity shop) and came back thinking she'd get something called "the binding" on the quilt. I'm afraid she came into the bedroom to find we were still doing what we do best and were having a good old cat nap.

I don't know what binding is but I know it can wait.

Have a purrfect weekend. xxx

P.S. Don't forget the sale in Mum's Etsy shop. Thanks to all you lovely customers, she says.


  1. You really coudn't disturb them can you? They look so happy.
    The quilt looks so pretty and very very snuggly!
    Hope your pants week is getting better.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Now how can you move them when they're so comfy looking. Besides that they're clearly guarding the quilt from quilt nappers whilst Mum's at the shops ;O)

    Can't wait to see this quilt finished. Feel better soon.

    Peg x

  3. Hello Jacky-Ginge
    Lovely to read your blog. Tell mum we hope she's feeling better soon and things go better next week. Cute picture of you all on the one quilt. Being a single cat I get pick of the fabrics and am famous for being able to sniff out some fresh wadding 1/2 a mile away!

  4. Was für bezaubernde Stoffe und Bilder. Und die Katze gefällt mir besonders, sieht meiner sooo ähnlich.
    Liebe Rosaliegrüße∙∙♥♥∙∙

  5. Is that like a pile of cats, so wonderful!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Mum won't let me on the bed...even on my birthday.I think I'll come back as a cat...well one of your cats anyway.
    Mum says hope you feel better soon,and enjoy the weekend.Woof,woof! :0)

  7. Hello cats and staff,
    We are two cats from the Netherlands and we are also
    very fond of sleeping on our staff members beds!
    They don't really like that, but we don't care!
    It's not so bad being a cat, isn't it?
    Sleep well, Pippi and Aagje.

  8. That quilt looks so soft and cuddly, no wonder the cats are happy! Love the CK duvet cover. I've got the same one in my daughter's room. Hope your week improves. xx

  9. The cats are the only ones in this house with time to blog too!
    Having a good sort out is theraputic,I had to re-fill the dishwasher salt dispenser and get the remaining salt into storage vessel.Sounds simple,but frankly, docking a space station is probably easier,less messy and certainly involves less kneeling, standing up, kneeling, standing up.....

  10. Aw, sweet! Hope you have a good weekend.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. Love the quilt and the kitties!

  12. Hi Hen....hope you're feeling back to to normal soon!
    I'd be SO purring if I was allowed to have a snooze with that quilt!
    Have a super weekend!xxx

  13. So... much.... PRETTY... flannel!!!

  14. Hi, Hen - I hope you feel better soon. Can you tell me where you find your flannel please? I can't seem to find any around here (Northants)

  15. Fun fun post by the kitters... I love all the vintage and pretty pastel colored things in your home. I put a photo of my kitty on my blog and people have enjoyed seeing her.. I invite you to come see too. I made a basket on Wed at a class out of cedar bark! And a lady at the school gave me 2 huge bags of raw alpaca. I have some work ahead of me! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. Such beauties! Hope you feel better soon :) x

  17. Loving your sweet cats nestled among the pretty quilt!

  18. Oh my, that is such a beautiful quilt, and awww, your kitties are so sweet!

  19. oh what a delightful post!! it's exactly what my two furry boys would do as well lol!!
    i'm loving your flannel quilt it looks so cosy makes me wish i was a cat too!

  20. Poor Hen, I hope you're feeling better soon. Being surrounded by your lovely cats and all those fabric goodies is definitely the best therapy. Mary xx

  21. What a wonderful sight, happy kitty cats in clover (or should that be 'in flannel')
    Sorry your Mum isn't feeling very well, hope you have all been giving her lots of love this weekend.
    Carol xx

  22. So sorry to hear that you've had a pants week lovely lady :o(
    I hope things are going to go better for you this week my dear :o)

    YAY! For finishing the quilting on your flannel quilt!
    Your shelf full of pretty things looks lovely, and that pink and rosey teapot is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Heres to hoping you have a better week lovely Hen.
    Take care my dear,
    Love Donna xx

  23. Oh my gosh! I LOVE this post! They look so comfy! We have four cats--though only three sleep with us--I could so see this happening here!


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