Friday, 23 March 2012

Springing Flowers

Hello readers, here I am, back from the depths of "no internet connection gloom". Not to fear though, I've had plenty to keep me busy. On Wednesday, I headed off to the Country Living Fair which certainly didn't disappoint. I always love this Spring fair and prefer it over the Christmas one. The colours are so pretty, as are the flowers and decorations which proliferate and without Christmas decorations clogging up all the stands (you can only buy so many Christmas decorations?), not to mention the overwhelming pong of dried orange/clove/cinamon thingies, there seems to be more on offer. I headed mainly for items of the truly vintage variety. How do you like my new little tea cosy? Not bad for a fiver, eh?

Do you like my furry vintage lion, he came from the CL Fair, too? He looked at me with sad eyes and a falling-off-ear, so home he came.

Other things keeping me busy have been quilts, of course. I've just finished an order which I'll show you soon, as it's going to be posted today and it's only fair my customer gets first ogle. However, in between bits and pieces, I've also made pretty much my favourite type of quilt. A mix of florals and vintage embroidery, it's a little like the very first quilt I ever made.

The cottons are mainly 1930's reproduction florals mingled with a few blocks of pretty Cath Kidston, whose fabrics always lend a freshness to the scheme. I enjoyed deliberating far too long over which vintage embroideries I could include. These give a really special touch, I think.

Ooooh pretty! It looks quite at home...

But no, no, no. Out into the glorious sunshine (where my industrious other half and parents are hard at it in the garden,) for a bit of a washing line reveal. Please excuse our neighbour's new and disgustingly orange fencing. Why does it come out of the factory orange?

Off this quilt goes to a special new home, to make happy cosy memories with a new family. A quilt to grow old with.

The listing can be found in my blogshop here. Do have a super weekend, whatever you are up to. Now I'd better head out into the garden, too.


  1. Love the Tea Cosy & Lion. And...another fabby quilt love it!
    Fences look that disgusting colour because its the preservative they put on it, suppose they could tone it down a bit, but when its weathered in you will forget it was that colour, could always do what I did...ask the neighbours politely if you can stain your side of the fence!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. It's a beautiful quilt Hen,and one that will no doubt be treasured and loved for many years to come.
    I love your lion,I take pity on animals minus bits too..teddies without an ear or eye,Oh yes,they all come home with me!
    Hope you have a super weekend,it's going to be a hot one! :0)

  3. Beautiful as ever. I need to get motivated to finish my quilt. Have a lovely weekend. Dev x

  4. Lovely quilt - I do so like the combination of larger patches and four-squares (if that's what you call them - me not being very up on quilting terminology). It looks perfect in the spring sunshine.
    Someone should see the gap in the market and produce fence panels in a range of pretty shades a la Cuprinol's Garden Shades! I'd pay extra to not have to paint them myself! Have a lovely sunshine-y weekend!

  5. It is beautiful - such lovely spring colours.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Hi Hen, Love the blog and always pop by to see what you're up to.
    Knowing your love of all things vintage I have something that may be of interest to you (or not!)can you get in touch, as I can't find an email address on your blog.
    Monkey business and quilts blog.

  7. The lion is cute and the quilt gorgeous and spring-like.
    Oh, and we have the orange fence thing too, only ours has blobs of dark brown where he has creosoted his stuff, and when, when will the smell wear off? The warm sun is probably making it worse.
    You inspire me with your quilts.

  8. Hello Hen! Your blog is beautiful! I love this gorgeous vignette! Such lovely, happy colours! The tea cosy is beautiful and such a good bargain too! It goes with your vintage pretties perfectly! Your bedroom is so lovely and serene! I love the vintage lion and love to bring home those old stuffed animals too.

    The quilt you made is gorgeous! You are very talented and creative! I love the fabrics and embroideries! It is perfect and so charming! I hope the fence weathers soon, so you don't have to see that awful orange! Enjoy your time in the garden and have a happy weekend! xo~ Paula

  9. that lion is lovely. There's something quite special about old toys isn't there?!
    Have a fab weekend

  10. What a sweet tea cosy but your quilt is truely beautiful what gorgeous fabrics you have used on it, its so pretty. dee x

  11. Love the quilt. Beautiful. I just found your blog recently and I am in love with your home, your style and all the beautiful pretties you make. So glad I found you. After watching Downton Abbey, yes, that wonderful show, I so want to go to England one day. Ahhhh, to dream is to believe. Have a great day!

  12. Hen, that quilt is a beauty! Lucky folks who will enjoy your expert stitching and colorways.

    Any chance that you might be going to the Selvedge Fair on the 31st?


  13. I'm still lusting after the rabbit lamp...

  14. Yet another beautiful quilt Hen. I love the lion :) xx

  15. Having spent ages with my head in rainbow colours, I've come to your lovely soft pastels with a fresh eye. SO pretty and spring like!

  16. Congrats on all your lovely finds! I love the stateside CL fair. Ours is usually in the fall season, but still warm enough that there is a variety of wares besides just fall/Christmas. Great finds!

  17. I've been wondering about you all week lovely lady! So pleased your computer issues have been sorted out...

    Your quilt is fantastic! so pretty and colourful. I adore that yellow fabric with the little green, white and red flowers on...just so pretty! Whoever buys this quilt is certainly in for a treat :o)

    Ooooo, your new tea cosy is a sweetie! I just love the colours and those little flowers on top. And your new little lion is a darling too :o)

    Orange fences don't so much for me either! I just can't understand why they do that!!

    Hoping you're having a perfectly peachy weekend Hen, and it's as sunny where you are as it is here!
    Take care my lovely friend, and keep well.
    Love Donna xx

  18. I love your quilt - the vintage embroidery is a lovely touch. Maggie xx

  19. I really adore this quilt with the little vintage embroidery pieces included.

  20. The quilt looks so beautiful. And I really like the tea cosy. have a sunny weekend. Nicole xxx

  21. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!!!
    Greetings from Poland ✿ܓ

  22. The quilt is gorgeous! What beautiful colors :)


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