Monday, 12 March 2012

Wash Day Not-So-Blues

Ah, Spring has sprung here in the capital, readers. It is a glorious day and I have spent most of it out in the garden where it seems there is much to do. I decided I'd also have a little change round on my Bagpuss table. It's a work in progress but I have put my hyacinth tablecloth on which seems appropriate and my little light-up-bunny. Cute or what?!

One thing I really love when the weather improves is that instead of cluttering up every radiator with laundry, I can finally peg the clothes out on the line. They also seem to smell so much nicer and look somewhat brighter, when they've had a blow in the sunny breeze, don't you find.

Once I started hanging my washing outdoors last week, I realised I needed to make a new peg bag as my last one must have blown off the line and was found sometime later in the bushes, having been chewed by our foxy furry friends. Naughty! Note to self: do not leave peg bag on the line once finished with each day. A quick shifty on the good old internet found a simply darling vintage peg bag. Oooh, I want one of those, I thought. I popped the image onto my Pinterest board for future reference (don't you just love Pinterest?)

The lady who owned the vintage peg bag had been kind enough to draft a pattern and write out a tutorial. I didn't have the facility to enlarge the templates so I just sort of drew my own out on graph paper and altered the size of the front pinny a little bit. I also lined the top half of my peg bag so the same pretty fabric would be on show. Then onto choosing the vintage embroidery for the little pinny, the ric rac trim, the binding, the braid. Oooh, happy days.

I even painted the wooden hanger, so giddy-in-love was I with my new peg bag!

You know, of course, that my peg bag obsession did not stop there? Not when there were polka dots, feedsacks, gingham to conquer!

I've popped a few in my blogshop and you'll find the listing here should you be interested. Don't forget, it's Mother's Day this Sunday, 18 March.

I've put up a new hook in the utility room so now I have no excuse to leave my far-too-pretty peg bag outside to the menaces of the furry foxes!


  1. Yes! I love your little tablescape. Come check out my giveaway for a spring pincushion you can add to the lot. I love pinning as well. I love your blog! ~Kelly

  2. hasnt it been a glorious weekend?
    a peg bag is on my to-do list.
    yours look goo enough to wear!!

  3. The best chore ever invented is hanging the wash on a spring day!
    darling bags, and that is a beautiful string quilt.....

  4. Those peg bags are beautiful.

    I love your new table arrangement everything looks so spring-like and with your tulips & daffodils you must smile with delight every time you pass it. I think your table arrangement idea is super and just like a shop window you can get lots of pleasure re-dressing it each month or season..inspired!

    Happy Spring
    Fleur xx

  5. Very pretty :)

    I use a vintage leather bucket that my Great-Auntie-in-law remembers using to collect water from the garden well!

    I agree with you hanging washing on the line is special and I love the smell of line dried stuff.

  6. Love that light-up bunny.
    Pleased I'm not alone in my desire for a gorgeous peg bag and delight in line dried washing.I'm almost pleased my peg bag will need replacing next year so I can have the fun of making a new one.
    Been annoyed with myself all afternoon that I didn't whack in some washing when it was all grey and foggy and unpromising this morning!

  7. The cutest little peg bags that I ever did see! Sadly I've been confined to bed with the lurgy today,so missed out on all the lovely sunshine :0(

  8. Love your Bag Puss table and the peg bags are gorgeous. I did a spot of gardening yesterday, the weather was stunning.
    Jo xx

  9. Love the peg-bag - I made a retro one recently too!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Funky light up bunny! Fab peg bags! Our sun has disappeared today ... just a fuggy foggy day. M x

  11. You are right you are obsessed with peg bags!! but I can't say I blame you they are so pretty.

  12. We are changing seasons here in NZ too, but to Autumn, I love it! Cooler weather.
    Your peg bag is very sweet & says " Welcome Spring"!

  13. Totally agree with you about drying the washing outside. Glorious day here again today!
    Those peg bags are great I love the shape and the trimmings.

  14. The peg bags are looking so lovely!
    I also have to do one of it. Thank you so much for showing us.

  15. These are so sweet! Look like little dresses hanging on the line! Adds a little sparkle to the laundry chore.

  16. Lovely post with such colorful, sunny and "springy" pictures! I feel the smell of your linen peg out on the line!!!!!!!

  17. I loved Pinterest too, but have deleted my account now. Have a look at Little Tin Bird's Being Cautious post - did you read the small print? I must admit that I skipped over it originally. It's thought-provoking and I decided to play very safe and not indulge any more.

  18. it made me smile that now urban foxes can dress in the latest styles, whilst their country cousins are still looking SOOOOOOOOOOOO last year!!

    Love the peg bags

  19. Yes Hen, the weather has been glorious. Although this morning here in Dorset it's turned rather cold and foggy!

    Had to smile at your foxy tale:o)

    Your Bagpuss table is looking gorgeous, and those peg bags are just sooooo scrummy! All those trimmings look absolutely beautiful...
    And I love your new birdy hook too :o)

    Have a lovely, sunny, happy week Hen.
    Take care my dear,
    Love Donna xxxx

  20. me gusta mucho, todo muy bonito

  21. I just found your blog and became a Follower, I love it!

  22. hi, I love your blog and I also love pinterest (although after reading recent articles I am very cautious). would love to look at your boards, where can I find you
    love the peg bags by the way
    nicky : )

  23. Hello there, just found your blog and I love it, those peg bags are gorgeous, they are on my wish list for this month

  24. I love being able to hang out my washing & that's one lovely peg bag! Can't find you on Pinterest :( x

  25. Hi Hen, what wonderful peg bags, great design. Nooooooo don't leave them out for foxies! Love your rabbit light.
    I think you'll like today's post on the lady who restores vintage compacts.
    Carol xx

  26. Hi Hen,
    Lovely "peggies"! and I really like the bunny lamp - so sweet. Hope all is sunny today in the Henhouse,

    Sarah -x-

  27. This is beyond adorable! Thank you so much for sharing :)


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