Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Light My Fire

Well, it's been a busy few weeks, in fact scrap that, just where has this year gone so far? The latter part of last week was largely spent having fun in the West Country: attending quilting and vintage fairs, mooching in my beloved Bridport and car booting, too. I picked up some new bag patterns at the fair, alongside some fabric (who'd have thought it?) I decided it was Spring and that means new bags and clothes as far as I'm concerned, especially now holiday time is nearly here. I bought most of these fabrics you see in this picture at the fair, including the bag pattern, which I partly followed. I may have become better at sewing over the years but I've become worse at being prepared to follow patterns! I like doing my own thing. The most pleasing bit of this beachy bag is the buttons, I feel; salvaged from old cushions and recovered with delicious vintage fabric. Yum.

Books, that's what we're really looking at today, well sort of. I love books and reading, I really do, always have. Luckily, Mr HH is the same and the Munchkin has followed suit and has always been an excellent reader since I taught him about age 5, and always has his head in a book (if not in Lego). I tend to that school of thought that there's nothing like sitting down with a good book, feeling its pages between your hands and poring over pictures. I have a fair few crafty books in my Den, we have a huge floor - to - ceiling wall of books in the sitting room, Mr HenHouse has walls full in his "Man Den" and the Munchkin has five bookcases. I do hope the walls of this old Victorian house are good and sturdy!

Having said all this, I wrangled for some time before plumping for one of these which arrived this week...

Yes, it's one of those new-fangled e-reader thingies. I've had many years now of shoe horning as many heavy paperbacks into my holiday suitcase as possible, finding my case is too heavy, taking out a few pairs of shoes and re-packing it all again. Whilst I am happy at home with real paper pages between my mitts, I couldn't deny the attraction of this tiny little gadget which will hold several thousands of books. No good for pretty crafty or interiors books, of course, I will always want the real thing there but for my chosen chill-out reading matter (rubbish chick-lit, I'm afraid), this Kindle is really rather fab. The "books" download via wifi in a matter of seconds and if you are choosy enough, there are many for free and the first I bought was only 99p. It's nice and light in my arthritic old hands but more importantly, I soon realised that every Kindle needs a Kindle-Cover, no?

Ok then, too exciting for words, time to faff with bits of pretty vintage fabric, draw up a little pattern taking all of three minutes then get sewing. I settle on simple strips to let the pretty patterns do the talking.

Things get more involved though when I decide a bit of vintage embroidery is called for. Oooh, but the decision is agonising and takes far too long to be sensible. I have certain cloths I don't cut, certain ones which are too big or too small, certain ones with colours which may be just right or well, just wrong.

Et voila, a few hours later and the Kindle is now decidedly cosy with its cover.

It's strippy both back and front (more fabrics to choose, you see), I backed the patchwork panels with leftover cotton batting and made a little tab closure with the vintage embroidery (allowing the cover to be safely closed) with an inch or so of velcro underneath.

I lined it with a bit of old rosebud-patterned cotton pillowcase. You know, I rather like the idea of my Kindle getting cosy inside its own rosy pillowcase once it's ready to go to sleep!

Well, all that was rather exhausting so maybe a spot of cosy mid-afternoon-sofa-bound reading is in order?

Or I could just moon over my new patchworky cover?

Or maybe some-furry has other ideas so errm, none of those things?



  1. Dear Hen your patchworks are so beautiful. I living Turkey,I love your blog,I love your cats. Love...

  2. Hello there,

    Was just wondering if you will be making any more of your lovely eye masks that you had for sale last year. If so I would love to purchase one from you.

    Many thanks, Helen xx

  3. You can never have enough books - 3 out of 4 of us here are book worms. I am very tempted by the kindle though - just for ease of packing - however nothing can beat the smell of a new book :)

  4. All I can say is lucky Kindle. How lovely to snuggle down in that pretty case. His Kindle mates will be jealous and wish they had such stylish clothes!

  5. You make everything so beautifully ,your work is always so pretty and the colours and patterns are just adorable ,you really are clever and so inspiring xxxx

  6. I fear for our floors...the strain of holding up all those books.I admit to realising that possibly the main reason for wondering should I have a kindle is the cover-making opportunity.Likewise a phone.

  7. Great post with the lovely fabrics, your patchwork cushions, the bag (great button) and the terrific kindle cover. I especially loved the picture of scowling pussy cat saying "this cosy spot is mine".

  8. Oh what a face! Handsome chap though.
    I've debated about a Kindle, haven't bought one yet but probably will do for exactly the reasons you have given. Would never give up on my 'real' books (and hoping our walls hold up too!)
    Beautiful cover for the Kindle, I'm sure they would be popular in your shop.
    Hope you have a Happy Easter.
    Carol xx

  9. So cute! I need to make covers for my boys' Kindles - I thought of denim for one and camoflage for the other, but I really need to get on with it!

  10. Hi Hen!
    I love love love my kindle that I was bought for Christmas last year.
    It comes out everyday for work with me and I'm getting so much use out of it!

    At the moment....I'm downloading books about obsession!
    I'm reading about 7 books(I think....can't keep proper track!) at the same time......crazy!

    I also blog via my kindle and FB too!
    Which is fab!

    I love the case you made......i bought the CK one......but yours is so much cuter!


  11. I love the patchwork kindle cover - what a great way to use lots of fabrics you love. x

  12. It's lovely Hen...just like everything you make.I love the way you've used the vintage embroidery with the floral fabrics.Enjoy your Kindle!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family. :0)

  13. You're right about books. I don't think a house looks or feels right if there aren't any books. I'd have an e-reader if I was still commuting, for the ease of carrying (with a handmade cover) etc. But nothing beats actually having your hands on a book.

  14. Your cover is wonderful. My girl friends with Kindles would be envious. I love my books and have also been rolling it around in my mind that I might just like having an e-reader. Bought hubs one last year, he is loving it. Your kitty looks grumpy today!

  15. Hello Hen! This past Christmas I bought a Kindle for both of my daughters and one for myself.I have on book downloaded curtsy of my older daughter who has wifi. I also bought us each a cover, but I must say that I like yours so much better. I will have to get busy and make a patchwork one too, the possibilities are endless, and I say it would be so much prettier. Love what you came up with for yours. Love your blog!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  16. love the cover, hen. wish i had one just like it for my ipad.


  17. Lovely patchwork case Hen. I use the Kindle app on my iPad but haven't brought that many books yet, it's great for holidays :) I'm heading to Bridport on Saturday x

  18. You cannot have too many books! I love books!
    Love the Kindle cover.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  19. I know you are showcasing the Kindle cover, which is lovely, but I love the crocheted throw on the sofa!

  20. Oh, all that beautiful colour.

    Blessings Gail

  21. Can I just say Hen....that yours is without a doubt one of my favorite sites of ALL!!!! I just love every visit I have here...always inspiring ...always beautiful....always fun!! Thank you so much! Have a lovely Easter weekend! xxx's

  22. You cannot replace the holding and turning the pages of a "real" book, but the Kindle is super for holidays etc. Plus the books are so much cheaper. The cover is wonderful. I bet everyone who reads your blog will want to make or own one.

  23. I am so anti-Kindle it's untrue (it's the bookshop and library lover in me!) but that cover makes me want to run out and buy one! So beautiful. And your cat is wonderful, my son is obsessed with ginger cats!

  24. The Kindle case is beautiful as are all the things in the picture. I love my kindle and the versatility of it, like you I'm arthritic so holding books gets very painful this way I can read to my hearts consent and with the kindle app I also have the books on my laptop, ipad & iphone.

    Mr B was so impressed with mine I bought him one for Christmas last year very very impressed lol.

    I had a lovely visit as always, I love it when a notification comes up in my email box to tell me you have a new post.

    Peg x

  25. Henny, i LOVE it and the fabrics are divine with that little hint of vintage doiley too..GORGEOUS!!! hmmm you've got me thinking maybe i just might be tempted to buy me a little kindle..just maybe lol??!! cheers, Marian

  26. I need to make a cover for my iPad.. but since I don't sew, I will have to crochet one. Hmmm... your cover is gorgeous and so homey!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  27. So much prettier than the plastic or leather ones. I am still not used to my Kindle, the same type as yours, perhaps I just need to persevere.

  28. I love your Kindle case! Apologies if you know already but you can get daily emails of the free ebook downloads:

    I've downladed no end includng the odd crochet book!

    Jille x

  29. Henny, I am SO with you on the Kindle/real book argument. I just love the feel of a book, and old ones have their own-very pleasant- smell. And as you say craft and 'eye candy' books do need to BE solid in-your-mitts books. And yet, and yet, these e-books do have their place, don't they? Friend of mine was one of the earliest 'kindlers' as she travels a lot. I'm still resisting, but I know it will come.

    I love your Kindle Cover, I want to make one already and I don't have anything to put in it!

  30. OOoooo...those Kindle case fabrics are just sooooo delicious!!
    I adore your cosy, Kindle-ee case Hen, it's beautiful!!

    I do love your newly made bag too..those buttons are just divine!

    As usual such a lovely 'feast for the eyes' blog post my dear. Thankyou so much for that :o)

    Happy Easter to you and your boys Hen.
    Take care,
    Love Donna xx

  31. Hen, I'm 'Lynne' above and I've just read your little bit above here about blogs. I do have one but no idea how to make the address come up on my comments - see how new it is!

    I've been reading yours for ages and love your colour sense, your posts are always such a feast for the eyes. I'd love you to pop over and take a look at my new 'baby' - still in its infancy as yet, but I'm trying. The URL is

  32. I'm with you 100% on books, crafty gorgeousness must be hard copy in your hands, but novels that usually only get read once or maybe twice are best electronic (and more often than not, free!). I use the Kindle app on my iPad, a bit heavier than the Kindle, but I like the other things it can do. Having said that, I am tempted to have a Kindle as well ...

    Love the case you've made for yours, very pretty. Happy reading!

  33. I have had a kindle for almost a year, and I think it's the best gift i've ever gotten. I LOVE IT. I also immediately sewed a little bag for my kindle, but yours is cuter.


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