Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Three "Ss"

Hello readers!  It seems almost wrong to post these snaps on such a filthy rainy day but I need to reminisce already.  If the sight of sun, sea and sand (that is what you thought?) is going to turn you green, look away now!

Blimey, isn't this weather here in Blighty dire?  You might have warned me and I'd have stayed away!  Rewind two weeks and we were in need of a little...

Time to leave these shores, love them as we do, leave the office behind, the school yard, even (gasp) the Den and head West like heat seeking missiles...

What to do for two weeks?  Some folks wrestled with crocodiles...

... of the inflatable kind!

For me, there were a few reminders of my crafty lifestyle back home.  A few handmade touches abroad.  Along came the Kindle cover, the beach bag and a last minute kaftan thingy.

I had already picked up a cheap plain kaftan from the shops because I liked the style and thought it would be easy to copy so I simply laid it on top of the pretty Tanya Whelan fabric and cut out roughly the same shape.  I added a band of paisley fabric to the hem, some turquoise bias binding to the neckline and having trawled my stash for the perfect three buttons, I ended up using the buttons which are free with this month's Mollie Makes mag (which handily arrived in the post just as we were to depart).

On the beach, there were crafty makes by others to peruse and maybe purchase.  I did draw the line at the corn rows in my hair though!

The jewellery was very pretty and you can't beat being able to watch it being made right there on the beach.

For others, their holiday was not about being sedentary, especially not when there were rock pools to explore.

 Evenings saw us resume the Yahtzee challenge with the odd cocktail to quench one's thirst in that Caribbean heat.

And eating far too much lovely food, of course.  I love cooking but it's nice to have a break and there is a certain something about a beach bbq, sand beneath your feet and 25 degree heat through the night.

More entertainment came in the form of a spot of limbo dancing.  Strictly one for us old fogies to watch and marvel at, although the Munchkin did get up for a go (without the flames!)

Calypso dancing ensued (once again we watched while the youngster joined in.  Were those really virgin cocktails he was drinking?)

Ahhh, Barbados, we miss you already.  Especially in this darned rain and cold!  Now where did I put my jumper?


  1. Sounds like you all had a great time Hen! I absolutely love your kaftan! :)

  2. How fabulous! Love your kaftan ... you are clever xx

  3. I seem to have turned a strange shade of green! It looks wonderful - glad you had a good time. M x

  4. what a contrast....your pics and the view from the window x

  5. I certainly enjoyed your getaway.Would love to have been there. Thanks for sharing with us.

    : )

  6. What a wonderful getaway.

    Hope you have come home suitably refreshed!

    Fleur xx

  7. Just what I needed Hen, thank you very much.

  8. Ooh I can feel the warmth radiating from your pics - gorgeous! Loving the kaftan too!
    Victoria xx

  9. Thankyou for sharing those pictures - certainly needed that brightness on this dull & wet wednesday.

  10. Looks fabulous! Would you recommend the place you stayed? I'm always tempted by the Caribbean but nervous of booking anything without a Recommendation

  11. It's official - the Great Green Envy Monster is residing at Four Happy Bunnies!!
    I am so pleased you had a wonderful time.
    ps I think the Great Green Envy Monster almost exploded at the sight of such lovely food and no cooking too!!!

  12. Your Kaftan is an absolute joy. I wish the warmth of summer would arrive here soon in Blighty...this rain seems endless!

  13. What beautiful family memories...I feel a bit misty eyed remembering two Barbados family holidays (the only ones we had abroad)...evenings spent much like this, and days too! beautiful Kaftan, you clever thing.

  14. Bit of contrast to my few days in rainy, Northwindy, misty, really rathe chilly Sussex! Good fabric hunting though...

  15. Ah Dear Hen, you're back! :o)

    I sure hope you managed to fit in some relaxing time in Barbados, as your pictures look full of beautiful busy-ness :o)

    I do hope Mr HH is none the worse for his wrestle with the croc!

    I adore your kaftan/fabric. Really pretty Hen.

    And that last photo is stunning!

    Happy weekend my dear. Hope you get some time to relax and unwind.

    Take care lovely lady.
    Love Donna xx

  16. Oh WOW! it looks heaven out there Hen!
    Do pop over and see how my holiday pics compare.We had deserted beaches...but it was just a tad colder in Norfolk!! :0)

  17. Oh that looks wonderful! We've just arrived home from a week in Pickering and it certainly wasn't sunny there.
    Love your Kaftan, beautiful material.
    Carol xx

  18. You've certainly perked up this miserable wet day with your sunny photos!

  19. Glad to hear that you had a fab holiday. welcome home to squelch land! Lizzie x

  20. Hi Hen, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  21. How fabulous! Glad you had a lovely back to work in the Den!!


  22. Lucky you to find such a wonderful place for a holiday. Hope the sun shines here soon - you have to keep that tan topped up!
    10/10 for the kaftan and bag.


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