Monday, 28 May 2012

Are You Ready?

How was the weekend then, readers?  Mighty fine here in good old England, it was.  We've waited a long time for this glorious weather and so we're darned sure we're going to make the most if it.  Thanks so much for your well wishes for the fair.  The footfall was definitely down but who can blame folks for making the most of the sunshine outdoors?  I had a good natter with my fellow stall holders and made the odd essential vintage purchase.

It can't have escaped your notice, in particular those of us from Blighty, that this weekend sees the Jubilee Celebrations for our wonderful Queen. So the question is: are you ready?

What are you planning to get up to over the four-day holiday weekend.  I'm looking anxiously at the weather forecast and hoping it shall stay fine to allow for a little outdoor partying.

Most importantly, I'm having fun thinking of everything "red, white and blue" and digging out treasures to decorate for the weekend.

Today, it is absolutely glorious here so I loaded up my basket and off out into the sunshine I went.

Time for a little Jubilee-style shoot.  Gorgeous, fragrant red roses which are so abundant in our front garden at the moment have found a home in the vintage Sadler jug I bought a few weeks ago.  Oh how I have been waiting for that moment, to snip those blooms and place them in that rescued rosy red and stripy blue jug.

Out too went the Union Jack cushions I made last week.  I can't say I'd mind keeping them but that would be a tad greedy (I do already have one for keeps).  So I took some snaps then regrettably headed back indoors for a good while to load up the photos into Etsy; the little downside of this sewing business!

Indoors, I took the opportunity to snap lots of other goodies, too.  Our home was built in the 1870s and has good thick brick walls and huge sash windows meaning it actually keeps beautifully cool in this weather so it's nice to retreat indoors for a breather.

So there are lovely lampshades, brilliant bunting, beautiful bags and pretty pins.  Yes, I've swallowed the alliterative dictionary!

Just what you need for a Jubilee-themed celebration and all Summer long, in fact.  I never manage to take my bunting down all Summer once it's up and why the hecky thump should I?

Not everything was red, white and blue themed, promise!

There has to be pretty pastels, especially a bit of Cath K and Liberty Tana Lawn.

Oh dear, another one sneaked in there!

Phew, that was a marathon of snapping and listing!  If you fancy any goodies to give your celebrations a bit of handmade homespun pzazz or your home (or indeed you) wants a little love, please find all these additions in my Etsy shop.  I've offered free postage on some items and special deals when buying more than one item. 

Me?  I'm back off outside with something tall and cool (no, not Mr HenHouse, he's not back from work, yet)!


  1. Lovely lovely things Hen, they are beautiful especially love the cushions. I have frantically been making things for our fayre in three weeks time!
    I do hope the weather stays like this for next weekend - they say its going to get cooler......hope not this is just right for me.....!
    Right off to join you in the garden metaphorically speaking!!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. wonderful time isnt it for England and the 'proud to be british' times.
    I think you've made a grand job of the decorating- you've inspired me, lovely fabric bunting and cushions...
    An exciting long weekend lies a head...enjoy it hen x

  3. Well what lovely cushions and bunting you have! I also spy a white planter from Ikea that you are using for a pen pot, I too have done the same when I purchased one on our last visit to the big yellow and blue place! I enjoyed a nice lunch in the garden too today, well we have to make the most of it don't we?!


  4. Well we are having your wet weather here in Florida,,tropical storm Beryl put a big damper on our 4 day weekend,,your pictures are beautiful..enjoy your sunshine,,

  5. Looks like you are more than ready for the Jubilee! So far I've bought some card bunting from Sainsburys.
    Have a happy week Hen! :0)

  6. Gorgeous roses- suddenly they are in bloom- not quite ready here, we are a bit colder than you are in the big city, but I have my eye on a few promising buds! Surely this fabulous weather can't last right through until next Wednesday? It can rain in between, but it will be awful if it does it next weekend...fingers crossed.

  7. All I need to do is mix some Pimms and lemonade and fill a glass - job done ;)

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  8. I would love to put my feet up and relax in your lovely garden! I'm off to have a look at your etsy shop xx

  9. oooooh! What lovely items you are making. Enjoy your long weekend!

  10. Fabulous post Hen! I agree with penny dreadful vintage, a nice jug of pimms and all set! We have bunting in the garden and flags in jugs indoors.
    Victoria xx

  11. I have the book about the Queen. Quite a few other vintage books about the Royals too. We live on the edge of the Royal Estate in Norfolk, so of course our village is up there with the best of them, celebrating it's little socks off.
    However, I am not one for celebrations of any kind, can't stand crowds and noise, so shall be retreating inside my old house (with sash windows also!) and letting those who will party, party.
    Lovely post to read, as ever.

  12. Yep I'm ready - we've flags, bunting and I've a Jubilee frock which I've made which I've just blogged about :)

    Your garden is looking lovely - those roses are gorgeous - still waiting for our first ones - lots of buds.

  13. All lovely makes (again) Hen! I'm sure they'll fly out of your shop.
    It's so lovely to be able to be outside a bit more isn't it? Let's hope the weather holds for half term.

  14. Love those cushions, Hen, they look just right don't they?
    Now, not wishing to be a party pooper - I joined in Her last big jubilee party, my boys were little and we lived on as Naval estate where folks just naturally organised themselves, a good time was had by all. But I'm older now, and while I'm not in the least bit sniffy about other people having a blast, it's just not my thing. I'm with Maggie here, I shall be in the garden -hopefully- with a jug of Pimms, toasting Her health!

  15. Whenever I see your back yard it makes me want to go sit under my tree. Of course my tree is in my front yard, which is not very private, and is buzzing with bumblebees. :D I fell in love with that little hanging heart the moment I saw it, so I visited your etsy shop and now it's mine! :D *happy dance*

  16. The weather has been beautiful. I'm really looking forward to the weekend, I can't believe it's come so fast. I've booked the week off as the 6th is OH's 50th birthday so we'll be celebrating that too!! xx

  17. Those cushions really are lovely!! I am holding out for decent weather at the weekend - as pretty much everything I am involved with is out doors! Have a fab Jubileeeee!

  18. Hi Hen,
    thanks for visiting me!! We love your blog, and are going to get busy reading all of your old posts.

    We hear that you are having a fabulous heat wave in the UK - so jealous. Sounds like the Jublilee weekend will be wonderful, and worth celebrating.

    Have some Pimms and strawberries for us.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous items!

  20. Love those cushions Hen - I know just what you mean about not wanting to part with them...hence a house full of stuff! All looks very jolly and inviting - wishing you lots of fun and jolly japes this weekend
    Best wishes

  21. Beautiful photo- love the roses (what kind are they?) and your lovely things. Very inspiring-my daughter has an extensive collection of vintage English themed hankies so made a cushion for her using a coronation one from 1953:)
    Have a wonderful celebration!

  22. Such beautiful photographs, looks like you were more than ready for the Jubilee!

    Are you enjoying the celebrations?

    I'm having a Jubilee giveaway over on my blog if you would like to enter, or share with someone that might like it :)



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