Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Joyous Jubilee

Better late than never!  Congratulations, Your Majesty.  What a wonderful woman she is, an inspiration to us all, 60 years is such an achievement, 6o years of dignity and wisdom,  it was super to see the wonderful tributes made to her over the Jubilee weekend.  Thanks also to those of you, especially from overseas, who emailed special words of praise for our Queen whilst buying up oodles of bunting and brooches!

Is it just me or does that glorious four-day holiday seem long gone?  Ah well, we have our memories.  We headed out of London and off to our little pad in the West Country.  The weather was mixed but overall, so much better than the poor revellers here in London experienced.  Other than spending far tooo much time sitting down watching the fabulous pageants on telly, the focus of the celebrations for us was the village street party on Monday.  And how very very lucky we were.  The sun shone, it really was amazing!

We got into the spirit and hung out the bunting on our own cottage.

Homes around our already very beautiful village were looking super.  Pots were planted in red, white and blue...

Flags and bunting were out in force.

The new owners of "The Big House" threw open the front gates and all the children went onto the lawns to play which was a really nice sight to see.

The main street was closed for the day to allow for the street party.  Yipee!

First, there were games for both young and old up on the field.  Some people can be so silly.

After the games, all the children who had dressed up formed a procession to the main street for judging.  A marvellous sight awaited us.  Tables and chairs had been brought and folks were getting on with celebrations.

Time for a little vintage styling, me thinks.  Lots of people stopped by to kindly exclaim in delight at the old fashioned memorabilia we'd collected: a tablecloth from the Coronation in 1953, a tin with the faces of both The Queen and Prince Philip, flags, tea cosy, book and so on.  To me, it was all quite standard, of course!

The Munchkin was even more of a draw, when he walked through the street in the costume I made for him, bringing my jubilee trifle!

Mr HenHouse was in charge of refreshments.  That wasn't meant to be just drinking them.

I played mum, of course.  Eat your heart out, Ma Larkin!  

Everyone was having a jolly time, young...

...and old!

Yes indeed, there was dancing in the street.  We began with a lovely old organ, so atmospheric... 

...before the disco began!  Everyone was in a good mood to party and the sun shone, an unbeatable combination in good ole' England.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.  I hope all of you who celebrated had a smashing time, too.  Here's to the next ten years, Your Majesty.


  1. This is the first Jubilee post of the Monday that I have seen with the sun out!

    This little village looks very similar to a place I spent the Golden Jubilee in back in 2002 - a place called Coat, nr Martock. Ahh - the memories :)

  2. You all look fab! And I love your table, what a great excuse to use lovely things and for others to appreciate them.
    Lucky you that the weather held up. Looks like a good time was had by all.
    The trifle looks in great danger of being gobbled up by The Munchkin there!

  3. What a fabulous party Hen, everyone looked to be having a great time - and no rain! How did you do it?
    Your table looked beautiful, all that scrumpitous food and such lovely vintage decorations.
    Yes, here's to the next 10 years of Her Majesty's magnificent reign.
    Carol xx

  4. The village is beautiful - looks like everyone is having great fun. We had a quiet afternoon tea with friends
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Wonderful photographs, looks like you had a lovely time - can't beat a bit of red, white and blue!! That chocolate cake looks delicious! :o)

  6. What a wonderful street party! And you look fabulous in your dotty dress Hen! Love the Ma Larkin look!!
    Victoria xx

  7. Interesting how the men always want to be in charge of the drinks on these occasions!
    All looked perfect...and no rain!!

  8. It was so wonderful. We watched it on the BBC America here in Seattle. I so wished it hadn't rained so hard! But the Queen and her Prince were as lovely as ever. I couldn't imagine how they stood the entire time. I couldn't have done that. It was a beautiful party. Thank you for inviting everyone.

  9. The weather here was Vile- not too bad for some of the Friday evening, but thereafter it was just horrible-not a person to be seen out of doors, all the flags etc looking very sorry for themselves in the rain,wind and COLD!

  10. It all looks so pretty and so much fun!! Wish something like that had happened near us! We are on a bus route though!! You def chose the right day for it - a lot of the ones in our area were Sat/Sun and were just a wash out - such a shame for the amount of time and money that had gone into them.

  11. Goodness, how fortunate they chose the right day, it would have been disasterous the day before; though having said that I'm sure everyone would have just 'kept calm and carried on' and made the best of it. But I see cardigans everywhere - I remember the 1976 Jubilee was a scorcher, my boys were in cowboy garb with much face paint, and I was one of the mums on jelly patrol! I love the way you did the whole vintage bit 'just because' as you always do. Smashing photos, Hen, thanks.

  12. Wow. what a lovely village you live in. We had a little party here but nothing so inclusive as yours. Weren't you lucky with the weather.
    And yes, Congratulations Your Majesty!

  13. Now thats what I call a street party.

  14. Ahh I can always trust the Henhouse family to put on a jooly good show.
    Love your dress, the trifle and the big house!!

  15. Wow looks like you had a great time and what a lovely sense of community spirit, love the idea of people bringing their tables and chairs out into the street and the road being closed, must have been lovely to have no cars zooming past.

    All things nice...

  16. Looks like you celebrated in true style - vintage, of course! That village in Somerset is spectacular - we visited it last year under the NGS when five of the gardens were open and they were spectacular too!

  17. What a fab street party, just the way it should be! :) x

  18. What fun. What a lovely, joyous post. x

  19. We felt all the excitement here, only wish we could have been there in person.
    nancy, central pa., usa

  20. What super-duper photos my dear!!

    Looks like an amazing day was had by all:O)

    I must say that I adore your dress too! It's so pretty, and suits you to a tee!

    Take care Hen, and have a fabby week.
    Love Donna xx

  21. Looks like you all had a wonderful time, and the weather was kind too!!!
    The trifle and cake look delicious, bet there wasn't any left to take home!!!
    Love you Ma Larkin look.
    Your village looks very pretty.
    Love Linda O xxx

  22. Oh Hen, what a fabulous Jubilee celebration you all had. We too had a party out on the village green but the sun didn't shine as much as it did on your photos!

    I really love your red spotty dress, perfect for a jubilee day.

    Hope your having a lovely week.
    Fleur xx

  23. Gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing them!

  24. what a super day.... full into the spirit of it all, smashing!

  25. I love your beautiful red dress!!!


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