Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Helpful Fur

Today, I am helpful ginger tom.  I am helping mummy with her new quilt.  I am road testing it for snugglability.

Then I thought I'd write the blog, too, but it didn't work on this old thing?

Back to the quilt...


  1. Ah, isn't he a cutie!
    Victoria xx

  2. Wundervoller Quilt und süße Katze!
    Liebe Rosaliemittwochgrüße ∙∙♥♥∙∙

  3. Oh yes! A Henhouse Quilt wins hands down, every time!
    Just ask my two!
    Handsome Jacky Ginge.
    Z xx

  4. Aaaaaaah,very cute...and pretty!

  5. What a vry useful cat, he is certainly good at road testing your quilt! And so handsome too

  6. The quilt must be lovely and soft, looks like your cat loves it :) She doesn't want you to part with it.

    All things nice...

  7. such a good and helpful cat!

  8. So sweet! I have a little black and white cat, Minnie, she likes to help me too, when she's not trying to trip me over that is! Ada :)

  9. Very handsome cat! I love your old typewriter. There is one in the charity shop in my village and I look at it longingly every time I go in there but I know I don't really have the space for it. I might have a proper look next time if it's still there. It's very tempting!

  10. Jacky's looking better today ...isn't he a beautiful boy and so kind to help out.

    Amanda :-)

  11. You'd think mum would make a quilt in your colours, now, wouldn't you? ;-)

  12. Ahh, you are very kind to offer help, even with the vintage typing, but truly, choosing to settle on that lovely quilt was the way to go.

    (It compliments your coloring so well.)


  13. Hello!
    I too am a domestic furnishings trying out cat. Sadly, I am expected to do this as an amateur - no pay is forthcoming, apart from the odd pouch of posh dinner. But then I was found dumped on a hillside in the pouring rain when I weighed only 3 oz, so I'm lucky to have a home to try out furnishings in at all.
    Have you noticed that people who like vintage things believe in cat comfort? Lucky us,
    Blue a.k.a. Boo Boo a.k.a. B.... Boots!

  14. he's such a lovely kitty! I love his little face!

  15. Aaah - cats are always *so* helpful when crafting!

  16. I never tire of reading your blog posts, Jacky Ginge! You're such a good boy to help your mum with her quilts. :)

  17. Aww very handsome chap there, King of the quilt, eer Jungle comes to mind. The quilt, gets my vote it's simply to gorgeous, I love your blog Hen I always feel warm and comfortable whilst visiting. Thank you.

    Peg x

  18. Aw... What a sweet baby! :0)

  19. Aaaw, Bless him :o)

    Lovely, lovely quilt Hen! I see you've been busy my dear :o)

    Hope you have a great weekend, and it's a busy quilting one, as it's lovely to see some more of your sublime quilts!

    Big hugs,
    Donna x

  20. Aw such a handsome cat, lovely quilt too.
    Carol xx

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    Xo xo, Catia

  22. Buddy, you are doing an awesome job of anchoring the quilt.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  23. He is adorable ..... cats are always so helpful and nosy! That quilt is pretty too.


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