Monday, 2 July 2012

Sunday Funday

Sunday was time for some good old fashion fun!

Over in Dulwich Village, Carters' Steam Fair had trundled into town.  It's an event to which we always look forward.

It's not just for the chance to go on some exciting rides and munch candyfloss(it might be for the munchkin); for me, it's more about looking at all the fabulous vehicles and caravans, listening to the rock 'n' roll and admiring the sign writing!

The Munchkin headed straight for the helter skelter.  Oh to be young again...

Then he went to the chair-o-planes.  I went on these about two years ago and was decidedly green when I got off, saying "never again".

Anyone feeling strong?  After a day's gardening on Saturday, it definitely wasn't me.  Oh what a party pooper!

For anything remotely hair raising, Mr HenHouse gamely joined in.

Ah, this is more like it.  I always go on the gallopers.  I would show you my picture, if only I had thought to ride side saddle!  I do take some time pondering which horse to ride, it's down to both the name and the decoration and I must confess a fondness for the black horses.

The decoration is absolutely exquisite and combined with the sound of the barrel organ and the smell of the steam engine, it's an old fashioned delight.

Meanwhile, the Munchkin is now old enough to have a go at the rifle shooting and having tried it on a recent school trip, and his school report telling us he'd discovered a talent for it, he was eager to have a go.  Twelve shots later and he'd not missed a single target.  The stall holder said he'd never seen anything like it and we came home with the predictably tacky selection of furry toys.  We were quite amazed! It does feel a little funny seeing him holding a rifle, though.  Where do the years go?

We made a final stop at the penny arcade where we changed up pound coins for old pennies and had fun on some good wholesome slot machines, one arm bandits and my fave, the penny falls.  Not a flashing light could be seen nor blaring rap music heard.

Time to refuel maybe?

In fact, we head for home and rustle up some homemade treats for an impromptu tea, with the Munchkin playing host.  Spot that concentration, it would of course be a crime to drop cake!

The furry friends are not to be left out.

Poor old Jacky Ginge had an operation a few months ago and is still not quite back to his fully furry self.  Another one feeling his age!


  1. We love steam fairs! We have been to the Great Dorset Steam Fair in the past and we have a little on at Bishops Lideard too in the summer - never been to that one though, and we are determined to get to Dingles in Lifton Cornwall this year too

    Your yummy tea looks delicious!
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. What a fabulous fair! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!
    Victoria xx

  3. I'm familiar with that steam fair and especially that merry go round as it camps out over christmas in the centre of plymouth! what a nice day out it looks to be! Wish there was now a fair close by...really could do with a bit of old fashioned fun!

  4. Looks great and fabulous images, they could be from a bygone age ... and looks like the rain held off! Have a fab week, Claire xxx

  5. What spiffing fun Hen! I can't take those rides either,not my idea of fun.
    Poor old Jackie Ginge...I know how she feels!
    Hope you all have a lovely week. :)

  6. hello Hen, dont you just LOVE the old fairground graphics? So very cheery. Well done H on the rifle range,I'm very impressed!
    Oh and big squeezy cuddle for Jacky-ginge too, awwwww poor boy(I'm sure hes getting very spoilt already though!)xx

  7. Oh, what fun! The steam fairs are so much more exciting than the more modern rides. I may be the wrong side of 50 years old, but just try keeping me off a good, old-fashioned helter skelter! The wonderful gallopers are another favourite - How I miss riding them at the Country Show in Brockwell Park.
    So glad you had a lovely time and the Munchkin so graciously served tea to round off the day.

  8. Carters Fair is great, isn't it - we always see them at WOMAD. I love the graphics too (much more than the rides!)

  9. What a fun fair to attend! We don't have anything like that here in the wild west of Oregon, USA! But we have rodeos.. I should go to one. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of your family having fun. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Looks like you had a great day out, bet the ice-cream had a better taste coming from the lovely van! Ada :)

  11. What a lovely fair. It's nice to see that an old fashioned fair like this is still going. They obviously take care of their rides and vehicles with lovely paintwork. I especially liked the black horse.

  12. Oh, much stroking on it's way to Jacky Ginge - poor boy. Our Hectic is 16 and definitely nothing like her name any more!
    Lovely pics of your day out - looks like a lot of fun.

  13. I love steam fairs. I missed our local one last year as I was in plaster and wheelchair bound :( Roll on September - I can almost smell it :)

  14. Love the Carters Steam Fair, we went to it when we lived up country, when it came to St Albans, great time was had by all.
    The Steam Fair is so much more civalised than the noisey fairs that park in the towns today.
    You look like you all had a great time, love the ice cream van, and your chosen Galloper!!!
    Tea looks pretty yummy too!!
    Poor Jacky-Ginge, hope he feels better soon, big hugs for him x
    Love Linda O xxx

  15. wow that looks fantastic! What fun, I love fairs :)
    Poor Jacky Ginge, hope he feels better soon. Ted is feeling his age too :( xx

  16. Oh this looks wonderful! I have just looked Carter's up & they are heading to Woking in Sept - I shall have to go along!

  17. Hello hen,
    I used to go on everything and anything at the fair...not anymore.....I loe the old penny arcade machines...that brings back some memories.
    Jacky doesn't look very happy... poor puss...hope he gets better soon.

    Amanda :-)

  18. oh what a lovely steam fair, such nostagia and colour!
    Hope Jacky Ginge is feeling better soon.

  19. Carters come here too- I love trying the Test Your Strength - the Gallopers are my favourite too,a sedate and non-sick-making ride ( despite the scary lions and tigers) and you get a really good view of the engine and mechanism as you go round.Nothing beats the combination of plenty of lightbulbs and decorative painting, the smell of hot oil and steam ,fairground organ music and gallopers- have you ever ridden their galloper with the Cockerels?

  20. What an absolutely charming fair--looks like lots of vintage fun! I love that you share these fun places. I was in England for the first time back in March and I hope to return one of these days very soon! When I do, I've made note of Tunbridge Wells and some of the other stops you mentioned here. Hope Jacky Ginge feels better soon!

    Take care,

  21. Wow! that is one sharp shooter you have there!

    I love steam fairs too especially the carousel... I love sitting side-saddle wearing a long floaty skirt.. it makes me feel elegant!

  22. Looks like fun! Poor sweet Jacky Ginge. Such a serious face. :)

  23. Hi Hen,
    The images are beautiful, while there is a good climate here is very cold (for us Brazilians). I'm following your blog. have you ever visited my blog? I hope you!
    Xoxo Catia

  24. Ah - lovely memories of Carters - it is a real treat. I am right in remembering that Michael Jackson wanted to buy it once and they would not sell up for any amount of money.
    It is a most splendid fair


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