Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Vintage Fashion Fun

Oooh golly, it's been too long, readers.  There has been so much going on at home but dare I say, we are nearly builder-free, bar a small disaster last week when it was declared that a reclaimed floor had to be found for the entire sitting room.  Still waiting on that one and our final project commenced yesterday, more on that soon.

Time to escape.  So on Saturday, off we went on an adventure. We headed back to a common stomping ground of the area around the Severn Valley Railway.  This time, our favoured B&B was full so we checked in elsewhere and were treated to an idyllic rural setting overlooking the river and most importantly, the passing steam trains!

I was quite taken with this overgrown potager.  I would have styled the whole place very Larkin-esque! 

(Inside, it actually looked like it had been furnished out of Primark and similar stores, all satin bed linen and fake flowers, eek.)

Anyway, back to the matter in hand.  We had been most honoured to be invited to a vintage-style garden party, held at the home of some rather super vintage dealers we have befriended over the past few years, when we have seen them for a natter and a shop at many of the good vintage fairs.   

Off we go then.  How good is my better half looking next to the Morgan (sadly not ours!)

We looked for the Union Flag to tell us we had found our destination on a quaint country lane.

The garden was really pretty and I loved the carved kittys on the fence posts.

A major treat was in store for us as the singer Lola Lamour was to entertain us, accompanied by her new band.  We have seen Lola many times at vintage events but never in this private a setting.  What was so fab about this day was that everyone there, absolutely everyone, was dressed in finest bona fide vintage clothing.  Oh, it was just super to look around and see it, I had never experienced this before.  It was treat and we met some delightful people.

A fine vintage event needs a (hopefully) fine vintage outfit so here's mine.  I found this dress at the '40s event in Pickering last year.  The weather on Sunday was mixed but I was determined to wear my beloved Summer frock.  It is "dead stock", that is to say, a vintage 1940's dress which was never used so it is effectively as new, crisp like the day it was made.  The bag and hat both came from dealers at the last '40s event at the Severn Valley railway, the shoes I bought new (from Rocket Originals).  

All the tea was served on pretty vintage china.

The Munchkin had fun with the croquet set.

The super duper treat though, was getting inside our dealer friends' showroom.  Aaaarrgghh!  Floor-to-ceiling of fantastic vintage fashion, and I mean proper 1930s, 1940s and a bit of 1950s vintage.  I do not mean the stuff many folk try to pass off as vintage at fairs nowadays, that is your granny's stuff from the '80s.

Frocks, frocks, frocks.

Sublime evening frocks and a gorgeous 1940's wedding dress.

Hats, hats, hats (severely depleted by this stage!)

Hats and accessories for the chaps.

Steady, shoes and more shoes.

More hats and lingerie.

There was also a little lounge area which was brilliantly styled, complete with budgie!

The icing on the cake?  

Sherry trifle in a vintage china bowl, of course (two bowls-ful!)


  1. wow! what an amazing day you had.
    Me? Jealous? ....yes!

  2. Oh wow tou had a marvellous time! Wish I was there too!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Wow that looks like an amazing day. What a fantastic collection!
    Hope you're enjoying the hols

  4. Ooooh I'd love a rummage in your wardrobe, you have some beautiful dresses and that one has to be my favourite, the colours are so pretty and the hat goes lovely with it. I can see much fun was had by all, Lucey x

  5. Forgot to say father and son look wonderful too. xx

  6. The Hen family is looking quite dapper! Your shoes are the cutest EVER.

    I love seeing all the photos you post, it looks like you have such a wonderful time. :)

  7. Must agree- it twas a grand day. I’ve had the pleasure of being invited many a year and Lynne and Rob are always perfect hosts.
    Shame about the weather though- my hair certainly didn’t like it!
    As I’m a shy girl, I never got to say that I’m one of your followers, but I’ll say hello now instead! : )
    Tupney x

  8. You look just the business Hen, superb dress! I think I can guess where you were. Lizzie xx

  9. Fab day out and love your outfit! xxx

  10. Oh to rummage through those railings. Your outfit is absolutely lovely.

  11. Wow - sounds absolutely wonderful. Your dress is completely beautiful.

  12. I first saw Lola sing on "Time Warp Wives" any idea where I might be able to view that again?

  13. Best wishes to you, Hen, on the inevitable successful finale with your builders.

    Meanwhile, as always I do admire your style in deciding to get out of town and even out of time! Your handsome men both seem to have chosen really wonderful fair isles for the day, but it is that floral dress and accessories that you chose that must take the gold!

    It also looks as if you all had splendid weather. Best wishes to you and yours, and that includes the kitties.


  14. Oh i am so green with envy. Your outfit, the event, that closet!

  15. Hen, you look smashing in your ensemble! That trifle looks nice, too!

  16. Brilliant snaps, thanks for sharing.

  17. hen you look fab in your dress, which is gorgeous. At the risk of getting myself drummed out of the Brownies, I have to declare that vintage is not my bag at all..possibly because of my age, I'm 60 and vintage just reminds me of aerly dreary 50's life, when I was little. But I love the way yoou and others have genuinely embraced the look and whole ethos..and I love that your young Munchkin appears to thoroughly enjoy throwing himself into the whole thing, without coercion!

    AndI SO agree with your comment about pseudo-vintage, stuff from the 60's 70's 80's 90's..nope, it's NOT vintage its......well retro I uess if you have to label it. Just everyone jumping on the bandwagon I guess. Good luck with the final throes of your refurbs!

  18. Two bowls! Tut tut!
    I'm only jealous,cos I'm on a diet and I'm not allowed trifle.
    All looks super Hen. :0)

  19. What a gorgeous day out and you and the family look great.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  20. As always...I enjoyed every second of your post!!!! What fun you all have!! The dress is perfection!

  21. Love your outfit - you look great.
    As for the genuine vintage versus really only retro question, I blame Etsy. On Etsy it is vintage if it is older than 20 years and antique if it is older than 50 years. Maybe it's because they are American - in the 'old' countries (or Britain anyway) it has to be 100 years old to be antique and probably 50 years old to be vintage. Best wishes from an American antique (or British vintage)!

  22. oh it looks fantastic...hope you didn't spend too much!
    love all your outfits, your hat is gorgeous!

  23. Hello Hen, Just catching up, love this look as though you had a fantastic vintage weekend - I'm very jealous. You look so lovely in your summer dress, what a beautiful find.

    I'm in the middle of a revamp at home too..just working on a 1930s 'duck egg' themed room..oh how I wish I could just turn back time! Bet you do too!?

    Have a happy weekend in the sun.
    Fleur xx

  24. What a fabulous day out!i LoVe your outfit Hen!!
    Victoria xx

  25. That's incredible! It seems to be on 50's!

  26. What a wonderful event. You looked lovely in your 40's dress.
    Lola Lamour is a wonderful singer.
    The 40's wedding dress reminded me I've got my Mum's in the loft, she lent out the veil and didn't get it back so there is just the dress.
    Hope your building work is soon completed and you can get your house back into your home.
    Carol xx


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