Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Catching Up

Hello readers, well time flies, it's true.  Since we last had a chat, all sorts of things have been going on.  May I thank those of you who took part in the "patchwork placemat debate".  It turns out that the decision was made for me as Vorey decided one would make an ideal cat bed.  Gee thanks!

You know, of late there's been an awful lot of bandying about of the "A" word.  Well I'm sorry, but I'm not ready to say goodbye to my favourite season just yet.  An hour or so ago, the sunshine peeped out from behind the clouds and I finally felt inspired to grab my camera and open the French windows for the first time in a few weeks and head outdoors.

I was rewarded to find that one of my dahlia plants had finally sprouted a flower.  This year, I planted up about ten dahlia tubers and I am so glad I did.  I plant them in large pots of compost first, to bring them on, I find the soil just doesn't warm up quickly enough otherwise, then I transplant them into the borders once they have a healthy amount of leaves.  This year they managed to out grow the bugs and have provided me with dozens of beautiful flowers at a time when most of my other pretty perennials and roses have ceased flowering.  This plant has taken ages to actually flower.  The foliage is fairly triffid-esque and the first flower is now suitably impressive.

Can you tell how large it is?  Well, it certainly has no trouble out running this saucer!

The saucer belongs to a delightful vintage tea set which I could not leave behind at a car boot sale, being only £4 and coming with a tale of belonging to a much beloved deceased's estate. Oh I'm a sucker for pretty china.

And in the background?  Do you remember a few weeks ago (or maybe it was months?  Golly) I showed you the patchwork quilt I had made with my favourite fabrics in my favourite shades of pink and turquoisey-green?  I had some of the squares left over from that quilt so I couldn't resist cutting some more and making version number two.

The sun decided to pop in and out, sigh, and I couldn't help noticing all the leaves and windfalls on the ground.  No, I will bring out my pretty quilt and pretend it's not that season beginning with an "A"!

Hmm, I spy a cosy bed over there, thinks Ginge.

Not on your life, furry face!  Let's get that quilt on the line.

So if you fancy a little cosiness in your life this Autumn (there, I said it!), you could head over to my blogshop where this pretty quilt awaits.  (Now rehomed.)

I'm hanging on to my dahlia though and now I'm off to get on with my latest quilt.  Thanks so much for reading today.


  1. What IS it about cats and beautiful fabric? My Minnie makes a bee line for anything I'm making!
    The quilt is beautiful! I made a mental note a couple of weeks ago to plant more dahlias, they're stunning, especially as the garden is gearing itself up for the A word! Ada :)

  2. Oooh - that quilt is gorgeous!! Lovely photography as always! J9 x

  3. Lovely post, the colours are beautiful! I love dahlias, love the jewel-like colours and flamboyance of them ... just gorgeous. The quilt is lovely too, and I've just noticed the little crochet shapes hanging on the kitchen wall ... inspirational!

    Have a lovely day

    Claire xxx

  4. Lovely quilt, lovely dahlia, lovely sunshine, lovely tablecloth and lovely cats. Who says Autumn can be a dull, sad time? Thank you for the lovely photos. They have certainly brightened my day. Philippa x

  5. Lovely sunshine, lovely quilt, lovely dahlia, lovely tablecloth, lovely cats. Who says Autumn is a dull, sad time of year? You've certainly brightened my day. Philippa x

  6. That Dahlia bloom is mahoosive! It's a real beauty for sure.

  7. What is it about Dahlias, they are gorgeous whatever the colour. The egg lady at our farmers market sells bunches of them every Friday at the moment.
    Another lovely quilt.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  8. Your quilt is beautiful. So is the dahlia, I used to plant them...don't remember why I stopped. I shall again next spring!

  9. I do so love visiting your beautiful blog! And your kitty has such good taste!

  10. I spotted a sneaky peek of the new kitchen ... don't keep us in suspense for too long!

  11. My Dahlias were rubbish this year so I shall try pots next year (thank for the tip, my garden still has quite a bit of colour its not quite giving in the Autumn yet, such a pretty quilt so clever
    Thea x

  12. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your lovely, lovely comment on my blog - it really made my day!

    I love your quilts too - and the seriously magnificent dahlias. Definitely autumn here, unfortunately - damp, dark, cold, etc.

    Pomona x

  13. Love the dahlia and the quilt. I do enjoy pinks and greens together.
    Now you tease, when are we going to see the new kitchen? A sneaky peak in that last shot I notice but I want a full on ta-dah! I bet it's looking fab.

  14. That is one hell of a dahlia.Gorgeous colour.
    Love the cake stand with just some crumbs...not just me getting into cake mode this week then!

  15. Gorgeous quilt, Dahlias and cats! I really must try and grow some Dahlias next year. I am so pleased that you made the jams splats and that they were a success. x

  16. I love this quilt! I wish I could buy it. Your love for pink and turquoise has inspired me lately; I am making a doll-sized quilt for my four-year-old daughter's Christmas present and those are the colors I've chosen for it. Seeing them on your blog reminded me how nice they are together. I often tend toward pink and green, more of a grassy or sagey green depending on the project, but the turquoise is calling out to me now...

  17. Hello. Have just popped in for the first time and love your quilts.
    So pretty and such great colour combinations.


  18. Hi Hen, I adore your dahlias and that big pink one is a prize winner! We have a huge dahlia farm across the road from our farm and it makes for a great view. Gorgeous quilt, my friend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  19. Your kitties are such characters! I am beginning to tell that they do have distinct personalities, and all have great taste in choosing beautiful, flattering environments.

    Your new quilt is so lovely, and it's great that Mr Sun showed up for the photo op.

    Best wishes to you, even as this new season asserts itself. So many beautiful days are yet to come.


  20. I can't grow Dahlias here - to humid, and it's only the end of winter! So thank you for the lovely photo! As to the quilt - perfection, I am sorely tempted!

  21. That dahlia is huge! Yet another lovely quilt :) xx

  22. Lovely post with lovely pictures. The new Quilt looks amazing and the colours of the fabrics match each other perfectly. Dahilas are my favorite flowers. This year I have had one with two different colours. Inside deep red and outside white. Wonderful! Have a good time. Nicole

  23. What a delightful post....I love, love, love your cheerful quilt. The selection of vintage florals are so charming.
    Your sweet kitty looks so comfy perched on your little quilt.
    Thank you for sharing, my friend,

  24. I just love your blog and your quilts and your 1940's events and I wanted to share that while you are avoiding the A word we, on the other side of the world, are coming into glorious Spring!

  25. Hi Hen,
    It's been TOO long since I visited blogland (not been well), so this lifted my spirits considerably. Particularly the crumbs of chocolate cake on the otherwise emply cake stand! Bless!
    Best wishes, Mary X


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