Sunday, 7 October 2012

Laid Back Sunday

Today has been such a lovely day, warm and sunny with blue skies.  Mr HenHouse was toiling away at some D-I-Y and I had promised to take the football-mad Munchkin to the park (being a little fed up of his football connecting far too frequently with my flower beds and garden bench).  I was prepared and took along my latest project, wasting no time setting myself up on a park bench while the Munchkin tackled the zip wire.  Parks are very different from how they were in my day.

This quilt is fairly small at around 40" x 48" but that makes it super portable and ideal for hand quilting.  This is not something I do a lot of, as you know, but it seems particularly suited to this time of year when sitting down in front of the fire becomes much more of a reality.  As it is just narrower than the standard fabric width of 44", I decided to treat this quilt to a pretty backing of quilting weight cotton.  Usually, it is just too expensive to use this, at around £14 per metre now, requiring double widths.  I popped to Fabrics Galore on Friday, which I am lucky enough to have fairly local to me, and treated myself to this Liberty Lifestyle Fabric from Liberty's new quilting weight range.  Fabrics Galore carry the whole range and it is all yummy, but I particularly love this print.  (I think I will be buying more fat quarters from this range at Ally Pally next week.)

Sitting down is not a priority for the youngster!  He soon meets a boy of similar age and they start exploring and playing together like they have known each other for years.  I do so envy children that ability.

Lunch takes the unusual form of a 99.  Slummy mummy eat your heart out!

Good old Mr Whippy.  I was a little horrified to be asked if I wanted chocolate or strawberry sauce.  Since when did a 99 come with anything but red sauce?

That was soon polished off and whilst the Munchkin tackled the swings and slides, it was back to my quilt for me.  I have made a crocheted ripple cushion but one thing I haven't made is a ripple blanket, much as I adore them.  I know that would be a huge project, too huge for my arthritic wrists, so this week I thought I'd go for the fabric equivalent.  It is easy enough to execute, being made up of half square triangles.  I LOVE the fabrics and colours, some of my favourites, and I am also loving quilting it, utility style with perle cottons.  

It drew many interested glances from passers by and one young man, with his daughter in a pushchair, stopped to talk to me about it and offer some lovely compliments, even asking me if I sold quilts and could I make one for his daughter.  Obviously, I need to quilt in public places more often!

This one is a keeper.  It is going to be one of my favourites, I can tell...


  1. Zig zag quilts are really entrancing- seen some lovely ones lately- there was a great one on the Cotton Patch stand and likewise a Tula Pink one that I liked a lot.44" wide is the maximum I tend to do- very lazy! How are you liking the perle for quilting? I've recently got myself some cotes crochet cotton that looks rather promising-from the wool shop in Bridders- slightly thinner than the perle and smoother.Just been looking at the list of stands at Ally Pally and planning what I really do,er,need to find there.

  2. That's a lovely way to spend time in the park. Which park are you close to? ( I wondered if it was Battersea? )
    I love zig zag quilts too. Yours is looking very promising. Enjoy your sun while you may. Our weather is all over the place. Wet again here today in New Zealand.

  3. 99s for lunch - love it!
    The quilt is looking great. How on earth do you decide whther to keep or not to keep? - that is the question.

  4. I am in love with that quilt pattern. It reminds me of the ripple afghan my nanny crocheted for me. I like the idea of being a public quilter!

  5. Everyone knows that a proper 99 has the red sauce!

    We don't have them here in Canada and Dairy Queen soft serve just doesn't taste the same. But half a Flake stuck in a cone works when desparate.

    Your quilts are beautiful!

  6. I was just showing someone your blog tonight!!! And there you are!! As always your little man is a gem!! And that is going to be a real gem of a quilt!! Love it!! As I always do .....your hand work is heaven!!

  7. ooh I haven't had a 99 for years!
    Love the new ripple quilt :) x

  8. What a lovely post. Now that my children are grown up, I miss the trips to the park and the unexpected conversations!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Quilts and 99's now there's a combination! It was nice on Sunday, nice to sit in the autumn sunshine.
    I know what you mean about arthritic wrists, and crochet and knitting and why not quilt in public places - people knit and crochet don't they?
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  10. I have never seen a zigzag quilt before so was intrigued by yours. I have a crochet ripple blanket on the go, a larger than usual one for me, the main colour being a turquoise I am currently in love with.

  11. Oh my, oh my - a ripple quilt! That is just a super idea Hen - you can be eating a raspberry ripple at the same (?) time! Parks are exotic places nowadays I think - in my day it was a Witches Hat and that was it!
    Have a lovely time at Ally Pally - I miss going there
    Best wishes

  12. Your quilts are a delight Hen, that little girl is lucky to have such a savvy Dad! Ada :)

  13. I used to take my quilting to football practice. It served two purposes: it kept me warm and was a heavenly distraction from the football. (Can you tell I'm not a football fan?) I thoroughly recommend park quilting. I love the colours of your quilt. Philippa x

  14. It is a beautiful quilt. I think if you have a craft project with you it becomes a treat to sit on the sidelines while the children have fun, instead of being a chore!

    Pomona x

  15. Hiya - when I was a child my Dad used to call the red sauce "bulls blood" which made it even more exciting to have a 99. Love the quilt, so pretty. cheers Sharon

  16. Sounds like a perfect day, sitting sewing enjoying the day and a 99 cornet for lunch!
    Thea xx

  17. I do not know what a 99 is, though it looks like an ice cream cone with what in the middle? Love your quilt, it is scrumptious!

  18. Oh my... Didn't realize you were in England until I saw the ice cream... Haven't had one of those since I was 5 years old. Recognized it immediately 35 years later. Someone should make those here in the US, they'd make a fortune.


  19. Absolutely scrumptious as always Hen, I do love my visits to your blog. It always brings the feelings of warth and bygone days, thank you :0)

    Peg xx

  20. Love all those vintage fabrics. I am in love with the new Liberty range and snapped some up online. Now just got to decide on a project for it.
    I want a 99.......NOW!

  21. I'm sure it will be beautiful. Lovely fabric.
    Carol xx

  22. I love the zigzag quilt. I am making some pinwheel blocks and discovered that half square triangle can be combined very cleverly in different ways. I'll stash the zigzag idea away for a future project!


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