Friday, 23 November 2012

Felt Frenzy

Sorry again, it's been too long since I have managed to pay attention to my neglected blog.  I don't know where the days go but I am enjoying getting back into my crafty ways so much that the hours just fly by.  I think one problem with my blogging is that when I do get round to it, it then takes me forever to photograph and write up a post as I have so much to record, which can then put me off doing it, if I'm honest.  I need to write smaller posts more frequently, I think.  That's the plan!

For my birthday, the frankly rather sneaky-in-a-good-way Mr HenHouse presented me with this delightful posy brooch, which I had admired on one of the stalls whilst we were away in Pickering.  Oooh, there's little I love more than a Forties' felt posy. It looks perfect on my tan coloured CC41 coat.

(Sorry it's not brilliantly in focus, I blame that rather gorgeous Marshall and Snelgrove box!)

So this week, in the run up to the rather fab Vintage and Handmade Fair (1 December, don't you know), I have been having fun with felt.  It started with needle cases (I need to show you those another day) and today, had me turning back to this tome.  I know I have blogged about these two books before, they are homemade binders full of wartime magazines found one serendipitous day in Lewes.  One reason I loved them so much is that they had a lot of patterns for felt accessories.  Be still my beating heart!

So whilst watching The House of Elliot on DVD, (seemed appropriate, if a few decades out!), I had a go at this posy brooch in my favourite pinks, the pattern taken from the page "Crafts for Convalescents", such ideas being apparently in great demand back then; sadly lots of convalescents, I suppose.  I am not aware that I am actually a convalescent, the postie may have thought so when I opened the front door still in my nightie at 11am, (crafting outfit of choice), but did not let that stop me.

We know each other well enough by now for you to know that I would not stop at one?

Time to have fun with my vintage frocks.

Now I know they look so good, I had better make some for me!

Happy weekend all, and by the way, thanks so much for all the guest room love.  I know, I know, the kitchen.  You know what they say about all good things...


  1. Oh the brooches are utterly gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  2. Love those brooches and how well they compliment your vintage dresses. I love making brooches and would love to find a book like you have.

  3. Your original corsage is simply stunning, wonderful autumnal colours!

    Your creations are equally lovely.

    I have a copy of that same magazine and seeing your post has made me want to try that pattern out. Better add it to the bottom of my very long, and ever increasing, "To Do" list!

    Enjoy your weekend :o) x

  4. These brooches are lovely. It's amazing what you can do with a bit of felt :-)

  5. The brooches are beautiful especially the last one, my favourtie combination of colours purple/orange/browns.

    You must let me know how to make one. Pretty please xx

  6. Gorgeous brooches Hen! What I really want is a needle book - will you be making any to sell? I made mine nearly 50 years ago and it finally fell apart after a moth attack. :(

  7. Lovely brooches- answering the door in your nightie,easily done when one gets started making things straight Mother made me take her to the bank in my pyjamas, she claimed that as long as I was wearing my big coat people would just think my p-js were 'just eccentric trousers'. First time for everything!

  8. The brooches are gorgeous, as is the lovely gift from your hubby - how sweet is he?

    I also love the beautiful Marshall box in the top photo - perhaps in a future blog we could see a bit more of it please??

  9. I haven't got many of those mags, but I do love them so. :)
    Your flo-flows are simply lovely-
    I must try and make time to do some for my own outfits, but I seem to have a zillion different projects on the go at the mo that I fear I'll never have the time to do them!
    Have a good weekend

    Tups x

  10. They really are sublime gorgeous Hen. How do you cut them out so beautifully. I think that one day.... and I know I am asking a lot.... you may have to give a sneak peek on how you cut out your felt..... no pressure though!!! xxooxxooxxooxx.

  11. I'm loving those posies, the ones you made and the one your wonderful OH bought for you.

  12. Gorgeous brooches, perfect with your lovely dresses. You do indeed need some for you!
    Well done finding all those magazines, I imagine you have had hours of pleasure from reading them and found much inspiration.
    Have a good weekend.
    Carol xx

  13. They have a simple but utterly gorgeous very clever..I have just caught up with your beautiful guest bedroom, you must be so proud with yourselves.. stunning!
    Thea x

  14. Hen, I send you belated Happy Birthday wishes, and think that Mr. HH is indeed sneaky in a very good way.

    That multi-posy felt brooch is a gem, and definitely would inspire more felty explorations. Your own creations are fantastic. I bought a bit of felt myself this past week, in a "gingerbread" shade from own own NYC's Purl shop, thinking that I might just find time to make some Christmas items with a bit of embroidered "icing."

    When will this happen? No clue right now, as I am also painting individual watercolor Christmas cards and when the light and my eyes weaken, turning to knit and crochet items that might be gifts, but also are destined for a future etsy shop.

    Yes...bring on more hours to each day for all that we enjoy! xo

  15. Oh oh oh.. I love all your brooches! I really love to wear pins and things on my jackets. Those are just gorgeous! Are they on an Etsy shop? I just put up a post of our Thanksgiving feast.. we just had leftovers and we're stuffed again.. just like the turkey! lol!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. Love those brooches!!!!!!! So nice! And love reading all your posts........ I would love to come in march and visit the fair..... it would be great!!!!!!!

  17. I just love your felt brooches, and your 40s style. I am from the
    US, and enjoy reading about your adventures! I also collect vintage
    items from the 30s and 40s. Take care, and I will be looking forward
    to your next adventure.

  18. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!
    Bestest wishes to you....
    Daisy j

  19. How lovely to read the words Marshall and Snelgrove. My mum used to work for them and loved it there x

  20. Greetings from a very wet and soggy Wiltshire. Well done with the gorgeous brooches. I have the same problem with my blog - I spend too much time reading other peoples to have time for my own. Perhaps we should start a new club for tardy bloggers! Philippa xx

  21. Beautiful brooches :) Glad I'm not the only one to craft in my night ware!! x

  22. Oh...I LOVE " House Of Elliot" !! What a wonderful series...I am in the same boat with blogging...I have so much going on when!!!
    But it is worth it when you do it...I learn so much!!
    Love your felt posies!!! What fun to make them!!

  23. Those are just beautiful! I do love felt ... probably goes back to my childhood, as my mom was keen on us making Christmas gifts and felt was a good way to go. I'd love to see more of your projects!

  24. I love felt brooches and these are really pretty! They look so sweet on your vintage dresses too :)
    I love the name Marshall and Snelgrove!
    Have a great week, Hen!
    Helen x

  25. Happy belated birthday! Your posy brooch is gorgeous, as are the ones you made!! Love how they look adorned on your dresses! xo Heather


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