Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I'm Addicted to...

Ooh golly, there is a myriad of possible responses to that title. I'll keep it simple and tell you that for now, the answer is...FELT!

In addition to the delightful 1940's felt posy Mr Sneaky-in-a-good-way HenHouse presented me with for my last birthday, there was also this cute vintage felt needlecase. 

Inside, it contained an old card of mending thread.  I love the illustrations on these old cards and have quite a little collection now (more of those another day, perhaps).

In fact, I have become quite obsessed by vintage sewing notions such I now feel I can honestly say that I collect them.  On Friday, a gorgeous addition to my collection arrived all the way from America in the form of this cute "Sunbonnet Sue" style needle book in a  divine green felt.  On Sunday, a visit to the fabulous Dairy House Antiques in Dorset yielded the pink felt needle case.  The attention to detail in the making of both delights me.

I couldn't actually use these vintage pieces of history though, oh no.  I could make myself a new version, though, couldn't I?

It felt lonely and needed some friends!

The felt frenzy didn't stop there, dear reader!  Some little fairly ordinary, but oh so useful, tape measures were transformed, too.

By now, I was quite gripped with my wish to create a whole collection of pretty and practical sewing notions.  I was going through my wartime magazines, as you know, and they contain many ideas for needle cases, knitting bags and so on.  It seems pin cushions were also "staging a comeback"!

Pin cushions it is then (sorry about the fuzzy shot, it hasn't really got light all day here).

And then what else might be useful?  What are you going to keep all your "nifty notions" in?

Last week, in the corner of my Den, I came across a couple of stockpiled vintage sewing baskets.  They looked sad and to be honest, they'd probably been there a few years, forgotten about and collecting dust, in addition to the general grimy-ness with which they originally came into my possession.

Much elbow grease and a bit of creativity later...

Inside, a surprise awaits...

And of course, I could suggest that I know just the range of nifty notions to compliment it!

All these goodies shall be accompanying me to Chipping Sodbury to the super duper Vintage and Handmade fair on Saturday and when time allows, I shall also be updating my Etsy shop next week.

Toodle pip!


  1. I love all your felt creations. Good luck with the fair!

  2. Those needle cases are so pretty, I can see them being very popular this weekend. I hope the fair is good and look forward to seeing some photographs :o)

  3. Oh wow, Hen, love the sewing basket, just how scrummy does the lining make it!

    And yes, it seems quite a few of us are on a felt kick at the moment, it is so forgiving, and has such cheerful colours it's hard to resist.

    Must source some of those little tape measures, yours look beautiful.

  4. Haha me too, it's such a forgiving fabric.
    That picture on the left in the black and white looks highly dubious? Felt thong??

  5. All so pretty. I have a basket similar to the one shown that my Gran gave me when I set up home over 40 years ago, the outside is good, but inside is very tatty, I cannot sew to save my life, but I feel inspired to try and do something, even if it involves a lot of fabric adhesive! Love your blog, until recently lived just inland from Bridport, so enjoy seeing the treasures you find when you visit. Ali.

  6. Lovely stuff-again! Hope the fair goes well.x

  7. Can I ask what wartime magazines do you collect as the one I have seen of yours is amazing and would like to collect them myself?

    Caroline x

  8. Gorgeous felt! What a fabulous addiction to have!
    Victoria xx

  9. I love your felt creations.Quite a production line you have got going there!

  10. Such gorgeous felt pretties!! So inspiring!! Love the pretty basket! xo Heather

  11. You are so industrious! I wish you great luck with the fair.. but almost hope there are some left for your Etsy store! Have a ton of fun at the fair, I have done many myself, and the best part is all the chatting with friends that occurs! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)
    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

  12. Your 'Sunbonnet Sue' needlecases reminded me that my Mum used to have one years ago similar to your pink one. I'll have to see if she still has it, I know that she made a copy of it too. Really enjoy reading your blog, thank you!

  13. Oh, I love these (and the expression toodle pip, which I don't quite understand since we don't use it here, but that's not stopping me)! You should make plenty of these; I think they will be popular!

  14. Hen, it's always such fun to see what has inspired you and how your reinvigorate vintage items, and then go on from there to create new beauties.

    Viva felt, when it's in your talented hands.


  15. Such lovely, lovely things there Hen! Have a good day! :)

  16. Gorgeous!
    I love the Sunbonnet Sue ones!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  17. Oh Hen...your imagination and creativity never ceases to amaze me! Gorgeous..gorgeous...GORGEOUS!
    Felt takes me back to my primary school days and those coloured squares piled up ready for little hands to sew.

    Love Bellaboo X

  18. The needlecases, tape measures, pincushions and sewing basket all look absolutely divine. They are bound to fly off your stall. Sadly I can't be there but I hope it goes well, and everyone has a wonderful time. Philippa xx

  19. Oh, your basket is delightful. Well done.

    Like Alison, I have mine from my Grandma too, Christmas ca 1968, and I carefully keep the gift tag safely inside it.

  20. How sweet! I have begun making felt Christmas ornaments. Check them out at Home In Douglas!

    I love your sweet, old fashioned blog!

  21. I love your felt sewing notions, they are very sweet! I'm sure they will sell well too. Have a great day at the fair and a lovely weekend!
    Helen x

  22. Such a pretty post Hen, and I think you're onto a winner with your charming creations!
    Mary XX


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