Monday, 21 January 2013


Howdy readers.  Buried under inches of heavy snow are we (if you're in the UK, at least)?  Still under the covers?  Oh, I wish.  Of all the days to have to take the Munchkin to school (usually he walks with his Dad), today was the day.  School will be shut, I confidently thought, snuggling back under my eidy. No such luck.  Ah well, I've had a head start on the day and it's lovely and bright with all the white stuff abounding and now, the sun has appeared.  I look like the Michelin (wo)man, I don't think I could wear any more layers!

Yesterday, it snowed lightly but steadily all day.  Outside, it was a little below freezing.  We had three beautiful furry foxes visit, it was delightful to watch them frolic in the snow.

Outside, it looked like a Winter Wonderland.  The Munchkin had been out sledging with his friend on Saturday and so most unusually, he was happy to stay indoors yesterday.  This meant I entirely missed snow play.  I am not at all upset by this!

Best to stay inside and keep cosy, I thought.  Mr HenHouse lit the fire early both days. I shudder to think how many gazillions of units of gas we must have used this last week but am so grateful we have the fires, too, as the radiators just sort of take the edge off in an old Victorian house such as ours. 

You may have guessed that a certain furry someone was eager to make the most of this.  

What have you got to look so grumpy about, Charlie Boy?

Could it be because Vorey has robbed both of the (microwavable) hottie pads?!

Poor Vorey, he's such a tiny cat, he really feels the cold.  Charlie has plenty of fur to keep him warm but the hottie battles are still raging today.  They've learned it's best to stage a sit-in!

I managed a lot of lovely sewing over the weekend, which I'll show you soon.  I had a foray into clothes making with another Colette pattern, and I also decided I must get on with the stepped tile quilt I started ooooh, ages ago.  I also whipped up a roast, got to stay fuelled up in this weather.  That's my excuse, if I need one!

I'm not sure what I did though, as the Munchkin seemed to find it hysterical?  I don't think my cooking is that bad!

Sunday night then, the second best night of the week (after Friday).  Time to settle on the squishy sofa, if one can find room between the furry friends, glass of wine, cosy fire, Mr Selfridge on the telly and a spot of sewing.  Back to the hexys.

Or not, if the Boss has his way!  Stay cosy...


  1. You have sun! We have solid grey-again.Plenty of the white stuff here, road outside is an ice rink, so I'm going nowhere...breaking out the sewing later, want a change from printing/drawing. In this weather I'm so glad I have many knee quilts.

  2. That roast dinner looked so scrummy. Your cats are so cute and funny, my cat does exactly the same. Her favourite spot is smack bang in the middle of the scrabble board lol. x Pixiedust x

  3. We have only had enough snow here to make it look pretty! Its definitely still quilt/eiderdown/duvet day today too!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Dear Hen House, Your Munchkin so reminds me of my son at his age. Quite the imp as well!
    Your posts are such a delight to my day, and I thank you for all that you share.
    Elizabeth, Creative Breathing

  5. that roast looks really good...we've got omelette tonight, doesnt quite cut it in the brrr weather...but i wont say anything.

  6. Here in Indiana it is very cold, but no snow. Seems our winters are getting milder, but I do hope for one more big snow storm and a few days to have to stay in to sew, knit and quilt because once Spring gets here, I am outdoors most of the time. I enjoy your blog so much and your pictures in this one were particularly pretty. Every time I see your kitties, I want to get a cat. Maybe some day.

  7. What a lovely dinner and your home is so cosy and inviting!
    Although it has been pretty, i'm quite looking forwards to the snow melting.... it's just so cold! x

  8. Hi Hen,
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm starting to get a little more sleep now?
    I so wish we had some snow here, the girls are so upset that we haven't. Here in the South Hams we hardly get any, especially living minutes from the sea.
    Don't you just love Sunday nights in the winter? Fire lit and Mr selfridge on the TV what more could you want!

  9. We have had some snow but it's not as bad as you. Our two cats have been spending most of their time inside, either nestled against a radiator (we don't have the delight of open fires) or on somebody's lap.
    I see you use a tray for all your sewing bits and pieces when you're not in your workroom like I do.
    Love the fabrics on your cushions.

  10. Looks like a cold, but cozy weekend you had! Charlie Boy and Vorey are too sweet! I love making roast, too. Nothing better on a cold, winters night! Looking forward to seeing your pretty creations! Have a lovely week and stay warm! xo Heather

  11. Definitely keeping cosy here! Plenty of the white stuff to be seen, and we've had snow play too :)

    Loving hearing all about your cats and seeing your gorgeous sewing creations, definitely envious of your talent here.

  12. Lots of snow here today, my cat Minnie asked me to let her out at 4:30 this morning, I was none too pleased, she still hadn't arrived back at almost 11:00am and I was just about to search the neighbourhood, when she turned up large as life, starving hungry! One day I'm going to attach a little camera to her collar, love to know what she gets up too! Keep warm! :) x

  13. Lots of snow and cold here in Washington State too! I enjoyed your cozy post today. It looks so comfortable and warm in your home. And I love your kitties. We lost our 15 year old "baby" last ear and I miss him desperately.

    Thanks for letting me visit. :-)


  14. What cozy scenes! Your home life looks so warm, I love it. ♥

  15. Hen.. your home has such a warm golden glow, it looks very cozy.. especially when punctuated with the icy blue photos of your snow! We've had a week of sun, but they say we're going to have an ice storm tomorrow! Eek! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. Your garden looks very pretty, we had a little snow last night but it's been washed away now :( Lovely photo's of the cats, always my favourite part of your blog! xx

  17. Snow, roast dinner, cats, fires & patchwork...perfect!

  18. Hunkering down is the way to go Hen when it's so cold outside. Like you I'm no snow lover and prefer to hide indoors making food and things. I love Sundays too as sofa evenings with glorious comfort tv and something to make in my hands.


  19. Maybe it is because I am an American that I do not how you make those lovely browned potatoes but do share the recipe or method---PLEASE!!!

  20. Glad you have all been keeping warm & well fed! Love the pic of your back garden. Lizzie x


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