Thursday, 14 February 2013

For a Special Little One...or a Penguin

Yee haw, people, it's time for a quilty reveal!

Penguin has something to show you.

This way, please, he says.  

The lady of the house has been busy with her fabrics and her scissors and whirring machine and now we're joining in the fun, me and my motley crew of friends over there...

She's regressed back to her childhood and turned the guest room into a nursery!

But basically, she wants you to know that she has used some "gorgeous" fabrics she's been hoarding to make a cute quilt.  Some have groovy alphabet letters and punctuation marks on, some have cowboy style dots and stripes, and...and...she sneaked in some florals, tut tut.

She thought she could get away with it as they're not pink.  But the Munchkin likes them and has them in his quilt, she says, so that's ok, they are officially "awesome", whatever that is.  It has blocks which are an "hourglass" shape, she says, and lots of nice, fresh, white cotton.

She has put a groovy print on the back which looks really vintagey and has cool cowboys on it, oh and the edge has some sort of check-y stuff, it's called binding, hand sewn the proper way, apparently.

She is thinking there might be a little someone out there who would like this quilt.  It's smaller than her usual ones and would be great in a cot, maybe.  Definitely, it's super snuggly. She says it's in her shop here.

That's a shame, as I kinda like it.


  1. It's gorgeous...and i have fallen in love with your monkey!XXXXX

  2. I think the only fair thing to do would be to make Penguin a smaller version to alleviate any guilt! Great fabrics and lovely quilt x

  3. Love the quilt AND Mr. penguin. :-). Such a fun work of art.

  4. So darling and sweet!!! xo Heather

  5. I am in awe, that is fantastic !

  6. Very cute! (And the quilt too).


  7. Lovely and cute, the cowboys are so awesome! It is sometimes very hard to find unique things for boys. There is normally 10 times the pieces for girls to 1 or 2 for boys! Someone will have a lucky little boy with an adorable heirloom! Maybe I'll have to have you make one for my little guy one day and send over!

  8. Love! Has some of the fabrics I have been cutting little 2 1/2 squares out of.

  9. darling quilt, hen. your little penguin looks quite pleased with it...

    happy valentine's day.

  10. What a cute post. Your quilt is beautiful. The penguin has excellent taste.

  11. Gorgeous indeed. Penguin needs a mini quilt, t'would only be fair return for his guest post.
    Carol xx

  12. Great quilt.I know my monkey Pepe would love to meet your monkey!

  13. That is gorgeous and so happy! You sure make some great quilts, my friend. I'm starting a new shawl for Spring! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. Beautiful as always Hen :) xx
    PS Did you get my email?

  15. Sister Hen - you sure are talented.

    Julie and Poppy Q


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