Monday, 4 February 2013

Lurrrve is all Around

On Saturday, the Mr and I were lucky enough to be invited to attend a wedding.  Ooh, I hadn't been to a wedding in years!

I had a pretty nutty week actually, which culminated in a secret assignation outside the Tate Modern where I met a lovely young American lady.  You see, I needed a new frock (no, Mr HenHouse, of course I didn't have anything suitable in my wardrobe already) and I knew that finally, here was my chance to wear one of those splendid vintage lace and satin numbers from the '50s that I see at fairs but never have a reason to buy.  The dress duly tracked down on Etsy, Jenny offered to hand deliver the dress as she was coming to London.  Phew, that was one less thing to worry about.  I was absolutely thrilled with the dress, it only cost me £50 and it fit like a dream (miracle when you are not an off the peg size 10!)  I would show it to you but I do so hate photos of myself so I'm afraid this is the best you get!

As luck would have it, the wedding was in Chelsea so an easy trip for us with the promise of our own cosy bed for the night later on.  It was a freeezing cold day but dry and bright at least, and as the bride in question is Russian, we did allow ourselves a few quips that she is presumably used to cold weather!

I loved the wedding transport.

Afterwards, we walked briskly up the Kings Road to the reception (past Cath K, Brora and Marilyn Moore, this was not sensible planning!) where a treat of an evening awaited us at the swish Bluebird.

There were some interesting touches here and there to reflect the bride's heritage.  Her mother had cooked a round loaf of bread, presented on a platter with a long cloth and a bowl of salt.  The tradition goes that the bride and groom each takes a bite and whomever takes the largest bite shall wear the trousers in the marriage, so to speak!

Not forgetting the real Russian vodka of course, drunk neat and quite delicious actually, but it didn't have quite so delicious an effect on my head the next morning!

It was a lovely evening and the lucky couple are now sunning themselves in the Maldives.  Jealous, moi?

Anyway, talking of lurrve, you haven't forgotten that the day of romance is nearly upon us?  Yes, the 14 February is obviously not far away, for any of you love birds out there who like to mark St. Valentine's Day.

I half-inched those lovely flowers from the table at the wedding.  I did have permission, honest.

Now on to other business, as they say.  A little while ago, I was the recipient of a jolly delightful parcel courtesy of the Lovely Ellie of Jelly Jam.  You see she was taking part in a "carry it forward" and as such, offered some frankly rather yummy goodies up on her blog.  And what do you know, the lucky winner just happened to be yours truly!  So now it's my turn.  As Ellie had had a Wintery theme to her C-I-F (you can see what Ellie sent me here), I decided to go all out for lurrrve.  So, the idea is that I now carry forward the crafty love by offering up some goodies to another kindred spirit who shall in turn be prepared to do the same.

The theme really started because I wanted to have a go at making a cute heart-shaped pot holder I had seen on Pinterest.  Despite the air turning decidedly blue whilst trying to sew on the bias binding neatly, it's turned out pretty cute, me thinks.

(Hen, you didn't spend all morning faffing round with pretty cups and teaspoons and stuff, did you?  No, no, of course not... splutter!)

Just in case you're wondering what on earth you do with the thing (rather than hang it up and gaze upon it fondly), you can slip your little fingers in and pick up your pots and pans whilst protecting your hand.  Get it?

Carrying on the heart theme, well there had to a good old hanging heart stuffed with scrummy fragrant lavender, made using the crazy patchwork technique with vintage fabrics, bits of lace and so on.

Now, what might you find yourself doing lots of around St. Valentine's Day?  Well, if you're lucky, lucky, lucky you might be anyway, and if so, you'll want to have nice soft smackers, won't you?  So when I saw these cute vintage-styled lip balms, I thought that'd be perfect.

To top it all off, I felt there had to be something edible involved and when I saw some good old Love Hearts, I thought that would be the finishing touch, especially as when you've snaffled them all away, you're left with a cute pin tin.

So, here's my "craft-it/carry-it-forward" offering.

So here's the deal.  In order to take part, you need to be resident in the UK.  Sorry to exclude overseas friends but postage is eye watering these days and this little lot is a bit heavy.  (I'll have a giveaway in future open to absolutely all, so don't you worry.)

You also need to actively write a blog of your own.  This is because you need to be able to let the world at large know about your own C-I-F, don't you?

Obviously, you need to be prepared to craft and/or or buy a few goodies to send the lurrve onto someone new.  Clear as mud?   

Annnnnnddddd... because I am a tardy old thing, I am actually offering another lot of goodies, a second C-I-F, as I took part in another of these jolly affairs a while back and am now rolling the two into one.  So, if your name comes out first, you'll be getting that pretty red package up there, but fear ye not as the second name is a winner here, too.  Here's hoping you like pink...

Because the second lot of goodies is decidedly rosy!

I'll draw the winners in about a week so that there's time to get your package out to you by St. Valentine's Day.  I'll leave a note on this post to say when the comments are closed.  Phew.  Comment away, do, dear readers... 

Toodle pip!

P.S.: if you leave me a comment, thank you kindly, please make it clear whether you wish to be included in the C-I-F.  I will assume you do unless you tell me otherwise.



  1. How fabulous to have the opportunity to wear a proper frock! Superb- and to have a whole day of wearing it too, whilst being wined, dined and entertained- half the fun of such dresses is the swishing noise they make, and the excuse for a really fine pair of gloves to be worn. And being a wedding, a hat. Brilliant.x

  2. Now we've all seen you in your fab vintage goodies before, so no need to be shy, you always look the part. The bit of the dress we see is so lovely, a full length shot, of it hanging on a hanger if you really can't bear for us to see you in it, will suffice!
    Love your your CIF too, so I'm in.

  3. Love the photo's from the wedding, I really would like to see the whole dress though as it looks yummy. What a clever idea the pot holder is, I feel a little sewing coming on! love the blog Vix x

  4. Ohhhhh how beautiful are your offerings! I'd love to be part of your craft it forward!

  5. Awww! Love all these photos :) Especially the heart oven mitt. It's adorable :)


  6. Hi Hen. I have already done a pass it forward but that was through Facebook. I'd love to do another one.

  7. Oh my! I'm going to echo the plea for a clothes hanger shot of the dress, to save your blushes. The lace is tantalizing.

    I love the idea of a crafting carry it forward. I'm game.

  8. Beautiful dress and wedding! Love those heart pot holders and your patchwork heart, and that fabric with the blue roses is gorgeous!! Is that vintage? Have a lovely week Hen!! xo Heather

  9. Lovely do make me jealous! I' d love to play and do a CIF.

  10. Ah c'mon Hen please can we see you in the dress. It must look fab on you especially with your lovely dark hair. Count me in on the C-I-F, it's a very nice thing to do and to receive, and surely by it's very nature it must go on for ever. I'm not that good at mathematical equations but it could mean eventually everybody would get and give.


  11. I'd be willing to pay the postage if you could include an American in your giveaway. Know you can't, but love all the pretties you made.

  12. Everything looks delightful - I'd love to be counted into the C-I-F. Although I live in France, Mister Tialys works in the U.K. during the week so I could use him as my 'mule' should I be lucky enough to win.

    I like the idea of drinking neat vodka at a wedding - makes a change from sherry.

    Can't remember if I'm a 'no reply' blogger or not so here's my email

  13. The lace dress looks yummy! Would love to see a pic of all of it.
    I would very much like to be with a chance for the C-I-F xxx

  14. Thank you for taking us to the wedding with you. It was lovely! It would have been wonderful to see you in your dress, but the picture of it is absolutely stunning.

    How I wish I lived in the UK so I could be part of your giveaway, but alas, I'm in the US. I'll just have to look on and wish. :-)


  15. A well, yes. I'm a colonial and I know all about expensive, eyewatering postage. Yes, Canada Post, I'm looking at you!!!

    Pink Pyrex is much in demand out my way and I was lucky enough to find some last year!

    Is there any chance you'd do a "how to do hexagonal" thingie?? I'm a dolt and cant' spell tuturoial. See what I mean...

  16. Oh now come on - I don't think you'll get away with that little shot of your dress - it looks absolutely beautiful! As for the heart holder - do you have a pattern? Would love to take part in your C-I-F x

  17. Your blog is the most fun to read. You say things like "half-inched" which I have no idea what means, but sounds wonderfully "English" to me. I wish we could have seen you in your dress, but knowing that you felt beautiful in it gives us the perfect image! Elizabeth

  18. Me to. me to! I would love to take part. And I would have really loved to have seen you in the dress - you are so lucky to find a dress that fitted :-)

  19. I'm in the US so I can't enter for the CIF, but they are both lovely and you did such beautiful work. I have never seen that type of potholder before, what an interesting idea. The wedding looks like it was beautiful and your dress is gorgeous! I have never been to a Russian wedding before, it was so nice to read about some of their traditions. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hello Hen
    I would love to enter for the CIF - those pot holders are fab. My blog is at

  21. This is a regular comment as I don't qualify for your CIF.. but I bet you looked fab in your vintage dress, I would have soooo liked to see you in it!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  22. Who doesn't love a good CIF! Your dress looks lovely & what a grand wedding :) xx

  23. Beautiful sewing. Would love to be entered for the CIF! Great Blog.x

  24. The dress looks stunning, lets see a bit more............pleeeeease.....
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  25. Looks a wonderful wedding and I bet you looked a million dollars in your dress. Would love to have my name in the hat for the C-I-F, thank you x

  26. I'm not going to enter because I wouldn't have time to do the C.I.F if I won but I just had to stop by and say that your dress is beautiful, I bet you looked stunning and your pot holders and hearts are, as always, simply stunning x :-) Whoever ends up with them is a very lucky lady.
    Lucy x

  27. i would love to see your dress on you - bet it looked smashing. looked like a lovely occasion. pot holders are lovely but i won't be entering.

  28. Please can we have a proper look at the dress - that little snippet looks gorgeous. My son is getting married in just a few months and I still have to source an outfit and I have no idea what I should be looking for. The potholders look wonderful and so practical. I would love to be entered in the draw but if I shouldn't be lucky enough to win then I shall really have to have a go at making some myself. Philippa xx

  29. Gorgeous as always Hen. Bet you looked lovely in that dress and your sewing skills leave me in awe! Count me in please?! J9 x

  30. Hi Hen, I have a couple of old nylon hose mending kits that I found in my mum's needlework box when I cleared her house last year. I wondered if you'd like them. If so, could you let me have your address and I'll forward them to you.
    Sharon X

  31. I would love to see you in your dress, please don't be shy!

    I'd love to take part in your C-I-F!

  32. love the heart oven mitt...sounds great, count me in x

  33. How nice to go to such a lovely wedding, I'm sure you looked striking, can't remember the last one we went to, must be about 18 years ago! Please add me for the c.i.f. have never been a pink fan but that pyrex dish is so pretty, have been chewing parma violets all week so if I have to c.i.f think it will be all to do with violets.

  34. Love the dress you bought for the wedding... I would love to see you in it. I have never heard of CIF before, but I would like to take part in it and your sewing work is beautiful... count me in x

  35. Please let's see more of the dress, it looks lovely. I also love the pot holders (just the thing for holding hot teapot handles). Please include m in the draw.
    Dawn xx

  36. So very lovely, and even more so every post! Love your blog, your photos, your writing, your patterns and especially your doggies! Many thanks for all you share, Shari

  37. The heart potholders are just so beautiful, far too nice to use. What perfect items you have chosen.
    I'd love to be included in your CIF draw.

  38. What a wonderful pot holder idea! Do you mind if I borrow it for my sewing class expo? We were 20 students and now we're only 20, that means we need to do extra stuff, it'll be on July. Thanks in advance.

    The CIF looks wonderful, good luck to all, but I'll pass, my home is quite far.

  39. This is a lovely idea. Not just getting a pressie, but then promising to pass on the giving.....
    Please count me in. And Please, can we see all of your lovely dress?



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