Monday, 1 April 2013

Watch the Birdy

Happy 1st April, dear readers.  I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter weekend.  It's been busy here, but fun too, and on Saturday... well, I was in for a treat!

It was a workshop day and off I set just a hop, skip and a jump away, to Cockpit Arts in Holborn (central London).

 This is home to a whole bunch of creative folk.

Of course, I was in search of the studio of someone in particular...

Remember a few weeks ago when I went off to Anthropologie to take part in the Selvedge-led workshop with Abigail Brown to create one of her "matchbox tweeters" (read here if you fancy)?  How could I say no when Abbie mentioned she was starting workshops to make her little birds?

The workshop was held in Abbie's studio which I really loved as I do like to see the spaces where people create.  Those are always my fave articles in magazines and books.  Nosy, moi?  I hesitate to use that over-bandied-about word but here it's true, being in Abbie's studio surrounded by her work was so very inspirational.

A visual treat for the eyes.

I like nosing at other people's pin boards, too!

LOVE these little creatures! 

Abbie's signature minty green tissue paper for wrapping purchases safe and sound.

Anyway, time to get down to business.  In the centre of the table, Abbie had placed her examples of the bird which she was going to teach us to make.

In the interests of time (and our sanity, ha!)  she had kindly asked us what colour bird we would like to make and pre-made the body for us.  As you can see, Abbie favours a trusty vintage Bernina for sewing.

We were a group of six, all lovely fellow crafty souls and we had a good natter amongst the tea and biccies (and mini eggs!)  Oh golly, we made a mess, didn't we?  Abbie provided all the materials but we were invited to bring along any of our own fabrics we might want to incorporate.

I went for the yellow bird and Primrose began to take shape.

After the stuffing (hard work!), it was time to get on with the fussy bits.  Time to choose pretty scraps of Liberty Tana Lawn, old shirtings and candy-coloured twills.  From a choice of about 7 base colours, we could then "accessorise" our bird however we chose.  I went for the Spring-like colours I love but what is great about these sorts of workshops is that people all create something utterly unique to them.  Obviously, we had inspiration from Abbie's work all around us.

Primrose rocking her tail feathers!

So at the end, we had a little "show and tell".

What a truly fab day!  It's always a treat to escape from the domestic life every now and then and immerse yourself in crafty pleasure, don't you think?  Abbie was a great teacher, it was a privilege to peek into her working environment, and to come away with a handmade keepsake at the end of the day...bonus!  (Did you spot the finished Primrose in the first picture up there?)  Cockpit Arts holds open days periodically which I would really like to go to (so I can see all the other fabulous work which I know is made there).  Abbie has a couple more workshops coming up this weekend, you might like to take a look at her blog for more info (she also has s Facebook page, complete with a shot of us all yesterday).

Finally, Happy Easter to me!  I couldn't resist bringing home that gorgeous fox as a further momento of a fabulous day.

Now readers, I must love you and leave you for a good while.  The sunshine of far-flung sandy shores beckons.  I do hope it appears for you too and I'll be back before you know it, with bells on! XXX


  1. Looks a very good day indeed. Off to warmer climes- you lucky woman! Bring some warm breezes and sunshine back with you please.

  2. Oh Wow - love Primrose Birdie.
    Have a good holiday, see you soon with all your lovely pics.
    Now I am off to look at her blog
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. Wow this looks like an amazing day. Little Primrose is delightful!
    Lucky you leaving this cold behind. Have a lovely time. Hope you've packed a needle and thread!

  4. Primrose looks very much at home with the daffodils and Easter card :)

  5. Oh looks like such fun, love your wee bird! Happy Easter to you too :)

    All things nice...

  6. What an awesome day! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  7. What a wonderful day you had there, and a lovely place to be crafty in. I love looking at other people's work spaces as well. Loving the birds. How did you make the beaks?

    Have a wonderful holiday.

  8. Your bird is beautiful, and it matches Abby's sewing machine! I like to look around other people's homes and workrooms too :-)
    Have fun while you're away and I'll look forward to 'seeing' you when you get back.

  9. Hen, how sweet....or should I say tweet! Well done! :) x

  10. Love Primrose birdy and please, please bring us back some sunshine from your hols, it is freezing here in rural Northants today!

  11. Hi There, What a wonderful day you had!!!! I also love to see other craft rooms and I tell you, there are some really beautiful creative spaces out there!!! I really enjoy mine, though there's always room for improvement, isn't there?!!

  12. Oh my. Primrose is lovely indeed. How I wish I could fly across the pond and create one of these sweet birdies.

    Wishing you a Happy Holiday.

    Who knows what wonderful things you will have to share on your return !

  13. Thank you so much for posting today! I am ill with flue and was so delighted and cheered by your page. Such lovely pictures and you told the story of your day so well. Enjoy your warm holiday, I am off too in search of heat and sun. Boy how we need it!

  14. Primrose is fabulous! What a lovely creation. Foxy is wonderful too.
    Looks like you had a great day.
    Enjoy the sunshine.
    Carol xx

  15. A delight as usual! Primrose is lovely and so is the little fox who came home with you - a fox in the henhouse!

  16. Looks like you had a wonderful day, Primrose is beautiful, as are all the other birdies.

    Hope you have a great holiday, and that the sun shines the whole time!!!
    Look forward to reading about it when you come home
    Take care
    Love Linda O xxx

  17. What fun! I love the birds.


  18. I so enjoyed your share of the workshop. Looks like lots of creative fun and what pretty birds everyone made. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  19. I love Primrose! I think your bird turned out the nicest, actually. It's so nice that you get to attend these workshops; thank you for reporting back and sharing details and pics with us. Have a wonderful trip!

  20. This post made me smile! I can't believe you are organised enough to be blogging on your holiday eve! You are one amazing lady.
    Primrose is so pretty and I love the colours you chose. A real spring bird. What a great day. I so enjoy following you on your workshop jaunts and have a nose around with you.

    Have a fabulous holiday down Mexico way. Will miss you but look forward to hearing about it, with bells on, on your return. Love to the boys. Sarah xxx

  21. Happy Easter and have a fabulous holiday... not envious in the slightest!!!

    Victoria xx

  22. What a fun day!! I just love your bird, and all the others!! So sweet! xo Heather

  23. Lovely! Those are precious and adorable specially the white-laced peacock. Happy Easter! Got my eye on your next posts.

  24. Looks like a brilliant day had by all - thank you for sharing - the birdies are so lovely.

  25. Looks like another cracking workshop! Enjoy the sun, lucky you!

  26. Primrose is gorgeous, sounds like a wonderful day

  27. My what a fun day and those birds are just adorable

  28. Oh my goodness.. what a fun time you had - and I agree, there is nothing more inspiring that to see someone else's studio and chat with like-minded souls and then to end up with a treasure.. win win win! Have fun in the sunny place. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  29. Thanks for sharing the fabulous workshop and your gorgeous Primrose. Being a sticky beak (a very birdy expression!) myself, I think "nosy" is such a derogatory term for human curiosity! We would still be living in caves if no one was "nosy". Always enjoy your blog and your beautiful home and makings. Hope you have a fabulous holiday in the sun. Best wishes.

  30. Hi Hen, thanks for sharing the fabulous workshop and your lovely Primrose and the fox. I am green with envy! Being a bit of a stickybeak myself (very birdy!) I feel "nosy" is such a derogatory term for normal human curiosity! Where would we be without it? Still living in caves! I always enjoy reading your blog and your fabulous photographs and makings. Have a wonderful time in the sun. Best wishes.

  31. Primrose looks fabulous, you clever thing! What a brilliant day!
    Hope you are having a wonderful holiday, the weather is grim here at the mo, hey ho!
    Rachel x

  32. I am SO jealous Hen! I would love to take such a workshop. :( Your bird is fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing!


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