Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Me Old China

It started the other day, quite innocently. You see, I had bought a new-old lamp on Bridport's street market and having cleaned it, I decided it would look good in the guest room, with my patchwork wall as a backdrop.  So far so good.

I always like spending time in this room. It's hardly ever used to be honest, but I suppose for that reason, I can keep it looking pretty perfect and wander in now and then for a little sensory pleasure when maybe everywhere else is not looking so perfect!

There was already a lamp on the dressing table, however. It's a pretty one but not as marvellous as the thrifty vintage one.  I didn't want to get rid of it, you never know when it might come in useful after all, so I decided on the old trick of stashing it in the wardrobe.

Was I distracted by the eidys on top of the cupboard?  Yes I was.  Zzzzzzzzz.

I couldn't help but notice that I'd already done a bit of stashing in the cupboard's direction.  There were four smallish cardboard boxes shoved in the corner (it's only a shallow Victorian cupboard/wardrobe thingy, occupying the alcove).  I knew they contained china and I decided to have a look.

Oh dear, what had I started?

I reasoned that I should try to sort it out and get rid of some.  I can't honestly remember the last time I opened the boxes and used any.  Good intentions, Hen.

As I unwrapped the tissue, I oohed and ahhed over the contents, treasures thriftily picked up at boot sales and zealously hoarded away.  I like that one, I thought.  That's a beauty, I cooed.  I began to put the keepers to one side over on the mantelpiece.

I also found my vintage cake forks and tea spoons.  Oh good.

On the dressing table, I piled up the items I felt I could let go of.  It wasn't a very big pile.  Oh.

I think I'm among friends here.  I know I won't need to explain to you a process whereby I was meant to be sorting through hoarded goodies and didn't end up parting with very much.  Sigh.  

The mantelpiece looked very pretty so I couldn't resist a snap (Instagram makes you do this sort of spur-of-the-moment thing).

With china on just about every surface, I was reminded by a glance at the far wall (which is my makeshift design wall), that I have to finish this quilt.  I'm tempted to add yet more to the quilt top as I love making the blocks, but I think I'll be disciplined and leave it as it is.  I'll order the batting today, as I want a really thin request weight.  I will.  I actually bought the backing in Liberty yesterday.  Progress, of sorts.

I briefly admired the patchworky wall.

And finally realised I'd better pack away and get on with something purposeful.

Nice light though, eh?!

In the background, I've finished the hexy project I've been working on.

If sunny days should ever return, I will make the most of the light and take some proper snaps to show you.

Toodle pip for now. Xxx


  1. Currently being side-tracked doing similar, trying to clear out some things.Not doing very well, but finding long 'lost' treasures in the back of drawers, I am so enjoying using the sugar tongs with little bird feet for grabbing the cubes that 'forgot' I had. New quilt looks FABULOUS.

  2. That picture is quite the loveliest I've seen. As is your patchwork wall.

    See that pretty cup trying to get in on the action to the left (fourth picture), is it Royal Albert? If yes, I'd forgotten that I bought a complete pristine tea set of the same in a CS, for £15.00. Think I'm going to have to go and have a rummage for it my stash now ...

    Heather x

  3. It all looks very pretty but by your own admission is a little-used room - doesn't it get terribly dusty?!
    Back in the 90s we moved to a lovely big old house and I was very into the country look, but after a few years I was glad to move to a more modern house that demanded a different look (and both houses and life phases affect how I decorate my home!), mainly because of all the dust. Our present house is old on the outside (1770) but only 25 yrs old on the inside and I have a fairly minimalistic outlook but it gets so dusty, the beams and especially anything shiny (mirror) or fabric and I come down from my attic room that I don't use very often (like your guest room!) spluttering with allergies and aching lungs even though I do go and vacuum and dust regularly...

  4. Oh, I do the same all the time ... start off having a clear out og one drawer ... find things I'd forgotten about and end up rearranging a whole room! Love all your pretty patchwork and the painting has the most gorgeous colours in it. M x

  5. Just what I needed this morning; your flower filled post to cheer me up. It's so hard to purge when you have so many lovely things isn't it? I just got rid of a bunch of things and then my Mum's wedding china showed up in the mail...I think I need to buy another cupboard.
    Have a wonderful day:)

    Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld

  6. I could come and help you declutter hehe!
    I have the jug that matches the spot cup.
    Lovely lovely things Hen xx

  7. Hi Hen, just been catching up with your lovely posts. Going back a couple of posts to the pic where you have thread holder on the wall. Who's make are the bigger, thicker threads at the top of the holder. The Guttermans are so expensive for the amount of thread, have you found some better/cheaper in the big ones? I don't mind paying for the bigger ones, I just seem to run out and they look substantial. Happy patching, that latest quilt for Nicki is beautiful.

  8. Mmmm lovely summery colours to brighten a dull day. Love the chair colour and those little hexies! Good luck with that china sort-out...

  9. Opening a long stashed box is a lovely (if time wasting) occupation!

  10. Hen, you've made me smile with your winding road through memory lanes to be found in the cupboard. Lots of beautiful cups in that cup board!

    And I do agree with you about the beautiful light in that still life photo!


  11. This sorting thingy must be catching! I have been sorting my hoarded stuff too!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  12. Lots of lovely china and I like the lamp but I LOVE that dressing table! Is it 1930s?

  13. Your house is bursting with some of the prettiest things I've ever seen. If I lived there, I'd never get anything done! :)

  14. Hen, its ok we do all understand...oh but don't the hours fly by when investigating previous hoards...I usually end up packing the whole lot back up again, then stashing it....until next time!
    lovely hexi 'thingy'
    bestest Daisy x

  15. Hi Hen I am with you here, signing and aaring over the china and the quilts, simply gorgeous. I love finding little treasures, usually when I am looking for something else and before I know it an hour has slipped by.........a fabulous post as always Hen, you always make me smile and chuckle.
    Thanks so much
    Lots of love

  16. Gosh, that green chair with patchwork is so pretty...and, love that painting, too.

  17. love your china and that hexie patchwork chair seat is sooooo pretty!

  18. I do that kind of thing all the time too! I love your chair with the patchwork seat, what a lovely colour mix. x

  19. Such a lovely post - gorgeous pictures, quilts and cups. You are much more disciplined than me because I don't think I could part with any of that china. Your quilt-in-progress is simply beautiful. A wonderful choice of fabrics. And I love the chair seat covering too. Thank you for brightening my day. Philippa xx

  20. I'm always sidetracked by pretty china cups and saucers...


  21. Oh Hen, I can totally identify with you on this one! I have a similar job lined up ... tidying my workroom after a vintage sale ... there were some things I was very pleased not to have sold and I've thought of a home for them. Will have to sort something to put in their place though ... Lovely post, lots of eye candy!

    Love Claire xxx

  22. Oooh Hen, what sumptuous pictures in this blog post. Just lovely - all the things I love - floral china, eiderdowns and those beautiful quilt blocks. You are so talented and I too would spend some time in your gorgeous guest room, take some time and stroke the vintage beauties! J9 x

  23. Beautiful china! I too have lots of lovely things boxed up as I don't have enough room to display :( Your spare room is lovely, can I move in??? xx

  24. Hi There Hen,Oh such beautiful things!!!I have a few odd pieces of Royal Albert myself,just hope it made the move and then storage OK!!!I really,Really love your patchwork wall!!!Have a creative and fun filled weekend!!!

  25. Dear Hen,
    I love your old China. The different colours are really gorgeous. Have a nice weekend. NicoleXXX


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