Monday, 11 November 2013

Workshop Wonders

Hello readers.  It's been too long but never mind, eh.  I hope you're all keeping well and not too chilly if in our Western hemisphere.  Let's charge on and look at what I got up to recently.  It was time for a crafty workshop, one led by someone else for me to attend. I do love workshops, it's good to try something new and be influenced by other people's styles.  First issue though.  How to decide what to take with me, from my rather burgeoning Den!  This is almost like torture.  What if I need this, or that...  In the end, I take loads and use hardly any of it!  Will I ever learn.  Best to be prepared, is my motto.

I set off for the East End, one tube line closure and a very expensive taxi ride later, I arrived in Bethnal Green and was excited to see that the delightful Jessie Chorley had prepared a little pack of goodies for each of us attendees, to get us started.

The theme was Christmas.  I was not feeling that Christmassy, I have to confess.  That only usually takes place for me after my and the Munchkin's birthdays in late October/early November.  But I could not resist getting stuck in upon seeing the beautiful examples Jessie had made.  Pretty cakes, for fuel, too!

Jessie invited us to make some Christmas cards, a decorated bauble and a little hanging decoration, all influenced by her distinctive style.

Jessie always brings cases full of lovely crafty materials to which we are all invited to help ourselves.  That's my idea of Christmas!

Some of Jessie's work was on display to inspire us.

I had also brought some materials of my own.  I found this box at a vide grenier (or car boot sale) in France last Summer and I am always squirrelling away bits of vintage lace and trims.

Being the magpie that I am, mine were possibly quite bright and festive looking.

After the workshop, which as always, passed far too quickly, we were invited back to Jessie's shop on Colombia Road, a short walk away.  It was dusk and the shop looked very inviting upon arrival.

Inside, it was like a very pretty fairy grotto.

Beautiful items, handmade by Jessie and her friend Budding, often using found objects, were on display.

I treated myself to a beautiful silk petticoat which had been patched and stitched by Jessie.

Since the workshop, I have enjoyed spending the odd hour here and there, between quilt commissions, working some more on my pieces.

Sometimes working on a teeny tiny scale.  Here, a Fair Isle stocking to hang from the fireplace.

I even made a new piece, using some lovely stamps I bought from Jessie.

Good friends deserve to be thanked.

Thank you too, for reading along today. Xxx


  1. Oh Wow you had a fabby time. You have one of met my favourite artists. I love her work too.
    Like you I don't think about Christmas till we have had our son's birthday end of November, even though he has been left home a few years now, we still say, we can't think of Christmas till we have had Robert's birthday.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I shall have to do one of these workshops one day, though I think I'm too offbeat!!

  3. I would love to attend a workshop like this! I don't know if I'm imaginative enough but it would be fun. Thanks for sharing. I sometimes feel the same way about Christmas starting, by the way; my birthday is toward the end of November and anything is fair game after that. :)

  4. Sounds like the perfect day and nice you can continue with the makes later.

  5. Such beautiful inspiration, thanks for sharing...

  6. So lucky to go to a Jessie Chorley workshop. I love her work. Hope it will prove Inspirational!

  7. What a wonderful time you must have had. Those little stamps add a real originality. Thank you for showing us what you have been up to. Philippa xx

  8. Looks like you had a great day out with some lovely things to work with, and her shop looks full of interesting things. x

  9. I've been away from blog land too long as I have moved house, made teddies and started knitting fairisle pullovers. However, I am very glad I took the time to read your post again. As usual a visual feast for the eyes and imagination leaves me desperate to join in. Sometimes I wish I lived closer to London so that I could attend some of these workshops. Your work, as ever, is of the highest order.

  10. Si inviting .....I immagine myself sitting amongst cosy....great....ciao Alison


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