Friday, 27 February 2015

Little Squares

Hello readers, welcome from a sunny West Country.  Apologies for what has been an unintentionally long absence but we have been hard at it with the renovations so I really would have been asking you to watch paint dry!

We've just had half term here and my friend Erin came to stay with us as she is a teacher so we usually see her in the school holidays.    Hurrah!  This is a good excuse for me to laze around crafting and as the weather was not too great some of the time, we were quite hermit-like in our behaviour.  We welcomed Erin with a little afternoon tea.

Otherwise, we spent our time either in the newly decorated sitting room with crochet or knitting in hand...

Or, predictably, in the Den.

I finally had the time to make something that has been in the back of my mind for a long time.  I wanted to cut lots of little 2" squares and I wanted cute, sugary, ditsy patterns.  1930's repos it is then.   The fabric needed to be easy care and washable hence going for modern instead of vintage fabric. You see, in between all the painting and decorating, I have still managed to add the odd bits of fabric to my stash.  With a little nudge from yours truly, Mr HenHouse gifted me this divine fat quarter bundle for Christmas.  Trouble was, could I bring myself to cut into it?  Yikes.

It seemed I could and after a few happy hours, my fabric buffet emerged.  I like to have plenty to choose from, the left overs can always be used for another project another time.

Over to the Featherweight then for some lovely piecing.  Oh happy days!

Bizarrely, my project soon finished, it necessitated poor old Mr HenHouse taking the kitchen table outside for a much-needed re-sand of the top!

Et VoilĂ .  You may recall I made some place mats in this style a few years back.  They have been much used and washed and still look mighty fine.  I fancied a table runner which I could use all the time for the middle of our pine kitchen table.  We now have a lovely dining room (kitchen/diner) which has a very large run of windows with fabulous views so we are often to be found at that very pine table which sits in front of the window.

When we were looking for a new home, we considered a property which had the most wonderful original Victorian kitchen.  We decided the house wasn't otherwise right for us but the kitchen had me hooked.  It had two runs of very large original pine dressers and I set my little heart on a similar dresser with sliding glass doors.  Well blow me if we didn't walk past an antiques shop that was about to open up in a local town soon after moving and spy just the thing through the window.  I knocked on the window, a quick measure up at home later and the dresser was ours!  A tad orange at that stage but no matter.  Mr HenHouse shifted it into the garage to start the de-oranging process.

Not a fun job but it was soon ready for painting which is where I came in.  I chose colours we will likely use when we have the kitchen revamped (namely F&B Wimborne White and Skimming Stone).

We're really pleased with the transformation and although it required a goodly amount of elbow grease, it was a lot cheaper than buying a quality new counterpart from a kitchen company and we have the added bonus of knowing it is an original used and loved piece.

It was sadly a bit of a gloomy day when I took these pictures but it did at least present an excuse to put the fairy lights on!

Cheerio for now.