Monday, 22 February 2016

Some Exciting News!

Hello there!   Thank you so much to those lovely readers who have got in touch wondering where I am.  Here I am!  It's been an unfeasibly busy few months here behind the scenes at the HenHouse and I can barely believe how time has flown  but I've lots to share with you and some really exciting news.  Let's catch up then.

This blog has traditionally featured a lot of the crafty things I have been making but admittedly, there has not been an awful lot of free time for my favourite hobbies round here so not a lot to report to you on that front.  I did in the Summer, have a rather lovely time making this pretty quilt.  It's made from a mix of my favourite things: Liberty Tana Lawn cottons, old shirting and both vintage and modern florals to boot.  You might spot there's a loose red and green colour theme going on.  There was a reason for that.

In fact, I made not one but a pair of these pretty quilts.  They were destined not for my home, not for anyone elses' home either this time, but for a special place I haven't mentioned for a while.  

I made those cute green gingham curtains, too.  This room has had something of a makeover, it has to be said.

The reason I made two quilts is fairly obviously, because there are two beds, of course.  Vintage wooden ones to be precise, dressed with candy striped sheets, embroidered pillowcases and the prettiest cotton floral bedlinen.  Dreamy.  The red and green colour theme was to tie in with some existing furniture this room had which was being reused.  Do you remember this room now?  It looked a lot more yee-haw-cowboy-themed the last time you saw it!

Some of you might even remember this magazine?  In fact, quite a few people on Instagram say they still own a copy!  This was the magazine in which a certain cute little thatched hamstone cottage featured, a few years back now, in the special vintage issue.

There I am, stitching away on the infamous rosy print sofa.

We're talking about Lilac Cottage, of course, our special little holiday home here in the West Country.  You may have been wondering what has happened to it.

We don't have any reason, sadly, to use the cottage as our own holiday home now as it's not a million miles away from where we live (however, it is sometimes quite tempting!)  We were loathe to part with the place, though and we couldn't help thinking that just as we had enjoyed so many brilliant holidays within its old walls, there might be other folk out there who would feel the same.

So we've had a little project on our hands, which as they have a habit of doing, turned into a much bigger project than we anticipated!

As the cottage was empty, we felt it was a good opportunity to show her a little TLC and give the place a fresh new look; redecorating both inside and out, a few building works and a new boiler so that when she did finally open her door to special visitors, Lilac Cottage would be at her very best.

After a bit of a wait, we've worked our magic and once more, these four hundred year old walls are ready to welcome new visitors from near and far.

In the background, we've also had to grapple with the frankly less thrilling task of embracing new fangled technology!  So a website has been built so that in a virtual fashion, we can share the delights of Lilac Cottage with anyone who might be enticed to stay in her.

We've been researching hard; it's only fair that the website should contain information on the best places to sample cider, partake of a cream tea and shop for thrifty vintage goodies, I'm sure you will agree. So as well as telling you all about the cottage herself, you can read (and see oodles of pictures) about the surrounding location (which is pretty special, we must say) and what's going on in the area in terms of the best vintage fairs and the loveliest places to visit.  There's a list of dates on our News page so you can plan your stay to coincide with the fabulous Shepton Mallet Flea Market or the Bridport Vintage Sundays, for example.

The master bedroom has had a mini makeover, too.  The dark beams have been painted in more soothing shades and the whole cottage feels much lighter and fresher.  There's pretty Cath Kinston bedding and of course, a vintage eidy and growling teddy bear awaiting our first guests.  I think you probably understand what I mean when I say we are tempted to stay there ourselves!

So, if you've ever hankered after a fabulous vintage-style break in the wonderful West Country, Lilac Cottage is ready to open her arms and welcome you.

You can read all about her charms and those of wonderful Somerset and neighbouring Dorset and Devon on our brand spanking new website HERE.  We also have a new email address if there's anything you want to contact us about directly:

It goes without saying that we'd love to welcome you to Lilac Cottage with a basket of freshly laid eggs from our hens, home-baked scones (which will be coming courtesy of my new Aga very soon) and my prize-winning jam!

I promise it won't be so long until next time because while all this has been going on at Lilac Cottage, there's much to report from the HenHouse, too!

Thank you for stopping by. Xxx