Monday, 20 March 2017

What a Difference a Year Makes

Readers, hello!  It's been a very long time but since it has just taken me an age even to be able to log into Blogger today and even longer to upload some pictures, I'm not sure I'm surprised!

So much has happened in the past year, to say there is some catching up to do is a ridiculous understatement.  Better to just get on with it.  So, here's a tentative toe in the water this Spring 2017.  I've missed you!

To all who have left comments wondering where I was or what was happening, thank you.  I couldn't even manage to get into my blog to add those so to be sat here typing seems something of a miracle.  Here's hoping the post will actually upload.  (I'm really missing Instagram's smiley and frowny faces as I sit here typing this!)  Any of you who are also Instagram (IG) addicts, will know that I post on there very regularly so if you fancy embracing new technology, over there you can follow what I'm up to every day.  I will try to post more regularly here though (more regularly than annually doesn't set the bar that high, after all.)

Now a few words about those photographs up there.  I've loaded them all in one go and now here's the blurb underneath because I think that's just a manageable way of doing things for me right now.  It also means if you just like pictures and don't want to read my waffle, it's happy days for you!  As you can see, we are all ok and tickety boo.  I'm there dressed in my finest 1940's utility coat, off to a vintage fair in Devizes a few weeks ago.  Mr HenHouse and I are still very much into the whole vintage and 1940's scene though getting the Munchkin to go along is now very difficult.  Any of you who have or have had a fifteen year old teenager will know what I am talking about.  Yes, he really is 15.  He is now more of the Master than the Munchkin, I'm afraid, and just about overtaking me in the height stakes.

The furry friends are all still going strong.  Frank and Oscar continue to delight.  Adopting them was one of the best things we've ever done.  They've fitted in perfectly and provide us with so much joy.  Frank is a real lap cat so you are never lonely when he is around.  Oscar is younger, of course, so a bit more nuts and he certainly keeps us on our toes.  Charlie Boy.  What can I say?  There he is, still going strong, having celebrated his nineteenth birthday a few weeks ago.  Yes, that's probably over 90 in human years.  His favourite place is next to Aggie aga, he can't get enough of the heat.  Yes, I said Aga.  I have still to share my new kitchen with you.

Finally, over the past few years since we moved, there just hasn't been enough time in my life for sewing and crafting.  That's something I'm trying really hard to improve right now.  I have joined a quilting group nearby and I haven't made a full quilt yet but a week or so ago, I went along on a one day workshop held in a local village hall.  We had a visiting tutor, Jan Tillet, who works with the Accuquilt die-cutting machine and free motion stitching.  Now I have to be honest and say I wasn't really looking forward to the day as I know how the Accuquilt works, I've got one already, and I really don't love free motion stitching.  Ugh, no.  Then they changed the venue to a hall even further away and it was a horrible rainy day to top it all.  However, I'm no quitter  so off I set in trusty Delilah Disco down the muddy country lanes and do you know, I had a great day!  The group was smaller than that which meets normally (every other week)  so it was easier to chat and get to know people.  The luxury of having a whole day without the distractions of home to just sew was pretty fabulous!

I chose to use the chicken/cockerel die (we are now pretty obsessed with our hens, of course) and made individual panels.  I decided to create a feature central panel and cut out freehand a linen basket to hold the die-cut eggs.  I very much enjoyed choosing all those pretty fabrics (not necessarily so much free motion stitching round them all!)  I did like the lettering though; I confess that I drew this first using a disappearing pen then stitched over the top.  The perfectionist in me finds free motion stitching quite frustrating, I think it's fair to say, so I really stepped outside of my comfort zone.  Once I got home, I finished off the panels and joined them all with some pretty amazing chicken wire fabric to make...a table runner.  Seems just right for Spring.  The Spring that's coming...soon.  Honestly.

Until next time... xxx