Friday, 28 April 2017

Petal Power and a Reshuffle

Hello readers, I hope this post finds you well, this Friday evening of the Bank Holiday weekend.  Thank you for all your comments on my last blog post, it was so good to be welcomed back.  It feels like only yesterday that I wrote it but I'm thinking it probably wasn't.  Hmm!

We're most definitely in my Den today, the epicentre of my little world.  I've been doing reasonably well at carving out some crafty time and I'm here to share my latest project and a few images of my Den with you, too.  I've started with  a piccy of The Stash.  It was quite funny on Instagram as when I posted this photo (a little hazy in the super-bright sunshine that day), I received a few "WOW" type comments and others along the lines of "Is this a shop?" or "I can't believe you have such a lot".  What I didn't dare tell them was that this was just a portion of it.  My name is Hen and I am a Fabricoholic.

I could have started with this picture below as it starts the story of The Reshuffle.  I'm not conviced it is quite as arresting as The Stash, though.

For a good while, I have hankered after having my sewing machine positioned in a tabletop such that the bed of the machine is flat with the table.  Do you know what I mean?  You can buy cabinets for this purpose such as those made by Horn, for example, but not only are they really pricey, I'm not personally that mad keen on the look of them.  Then I saw an idea on Pinterest and another on IG, to craft your own flat bed table.  I've been on the lookout for something suitable and the other Saturday at Bridport street market (where else?!), one of the sellers we know well, had this fairly unexciting modern pine table.  It seemed a suitable size, it was good and sturdy and priced at just £45.  In the back of the Disco (that's a Landrover Discovery, by the way) it went and home to the safety of the HenHouse courtyard where it met up the Mr's toolbag.  Don't you just love a handyman.

Sometime later, the Mr had, of course, done a perfect job of sanding and repainting the table, cutting the hole and making a shelf to support the machine.  There was Jenny Janome in her new table.  I am enjoying using her tremendously and find the position much better for my posture and all round working.  It did necessitate a bit of a move round in my Den to get the new table in and as luck would have it, the new layout works soooooooo much better.  I wish I'd done that in the first place.  Silly old me.

I've been able to move my ironing board from blocking the front of one of my bookcases over to in front of the window.  How's that for an ironing board with a view?  Ah, the beauty of Smiling Somerset never fails to please and I love watching the changing of the seasons.  Everything is growing crazily and greening up quite nicely about now.  A photograph can never do this view justice, however.

On to my latest project.  You may recall that I'm very much a fan of Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet.  I enjoyed her first Christmas sewalong (the quilt top may still need sandwiching and quilting, yikes!) and I was pretty much addicted to Farm Girl Vintage (another one to finish in the near future) so when Lori announced that she was bringing out a new book, fabric line, new templates and hosting a brand new sewalong, I got pretty darned excited!  As I understand it, this will involve both pieced blocks like Farm Girl Vintage and blocks using templates and appliqué.  I realised I had better have a practise at the appliqué before everything kicks off in August and as it so happens, I already had an unused set of Bloom templates waiting in the wings as in the end, I hadn't found time to join in the Bloom sewalong when it took place on Lori's blog last year.  Happy days!  I wasted no time in printing out the free pattern for the Bloom blocks and getting right on down to some quality stitchy action using the instructions on Lori's blog.  Each block has a blog post of its very own as Lori holds your hand through how to make each one.  (They're easy to find in the right hand sidebar of her blog.)

I had no plans to make an entire quilt, let me be clear.  I would just try out a few blocks and use those to make into something, maybe pot holders, a table runner, who knows?  I found making these blocks fitted well into my daily schedule.  I enjoyed choosing a block, selecting the fabrics, cutting out the shapes and stitching them using Lori's interfacing method (detailed on her blog), to prepare the block ready for appliqué in front of the TV in the evening.

Reader, I got a little bit hooked on those pretty Bloom blocks.  Soon, I was looking forward to my appliqué fix every day and I was loving how portable the project was, too.  I had to go to London twice in the space of two weeks and the train journey had never been so enjoyable!

Around this time, something in my grey matter started whirring.  I remembered that somewhere I had seen some Bloom flowers which were a little different for they involved patchwork shapes.  Well, I love nothing more than a spot of patchwork so off I went trawling back through Lori's blog posts and there I found full images and details of the patchwork flowers Lori had made.  Yay!

Before too long, my collection of Bloom blocks had grown.  Petal Power!!!

I've now made sixteen blocks and I am pondering what to do next and I am also at that stage of feeling sad that my Bloom time is coming to an end.  There are four blocks remaining which are rather different in style, not quite so obviously individual flowers like these.  I'm not sure if I want to make those, I don't like them as much but then again, they may provide a nice balance to the quilt if I maybe use them in the four corners of the quilt.  I could otherwise just stick with variations on some of the flower blocks.  Decisions, decisions.

Did any of you out there also join in with the Bloom sewalong?  I'd love to hear (and see the results) if you did.

Until next time reader.  Then we'll head off to Lilac Cottage.  I think...